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Founder at Startup Iceland, Managing Partner & Founder at Mira Capital LLC, and Board Member at Glo Biopharma ehf.

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Building a monopoly

There are a number of startups that I am working with that have the potential to become real monopolies. This blog post is for them
Apr 05, 2015

4 Disciplines that define winning teams and founders

Entrepreneurship is nothing but a manifestation of a number of problems that these disciplines can solve
Dec 04, 2014

Nothing kills a startup faster than these 2 things

Think that legal issues & accounting are burdensome? Try not to fall into the pitfalls that many startups face
Nov 25, 2014

Are you growing at 5-7% every week?

Addressing your startup's growth rate early on will immensely help its future success. Here are some tips for how to do so
Oct 12, 2014


Your genes are not your destiny

Epigenetics is the fascinating science of what you can do to turn off bad genes and pass good health to your offsping
Jul 06, 2015


How to sell anything

Sales is a process, just like product development
Dec 13, 2014