Over the last decade, we have witnessed vehicles transition from mechanical tools with limited computing and multimedia systems to full-on advanced computers on wheels, with dozens of different connected systems. As the autonomous vehicle future drives towards us, so we will have to depend more and more on code powering the cars, rather than fuel. The only problem is, like with most software solutions, bugs are always part of the equation. Israeli company Aurora Labs develops software management systems for your car, in order to make sure that you don’t end up at the mechanic for every bug.

So you don’t have to shutdown your car for every bug

Aurora’s system is combined with a Machine Learning algorithm that detects software behavior, and can even predict events of total software collapse. In addition, the system can remotely fix malfunctions in real-time, provide rapid software updates, all while the vehicle remains operational. This way, vehicle manufacturers can verify optimal functionality of the car, and the driver can enjoy an uninterrupted ride.

Additionally, the company explains that new global regulations demand vehicle manufacturers to provide software updates for vehicles already on the road. This is resulting in manufacturers putting emphasis on prioritizing software as part of their product development process. Other than detecting software bugs, Aurora Labs’ system also can be used to prevent the time and money-wasting process of vehicle recalls.

In addition to keeping software safe and secure from faults and cybersecurity attacks, Aurora Labs’ solutions allow manufacturers to continuously add new features and functions extending the life of the device and enhancing user experiences.  All of this is accomplished with AI and machine learning technologies that will save manufacturers billions of dollars on their bill of materials and data communications costs and enable recurring revenue streams.

Working with the 4 “automotive giants”

Today (Tuesday), Aurora Labs announced a $23 million Series B funding round led by an interesting list of investors: Marius Nacht (Founder of Check Point), Toyota Tsusho, LG Technology Ventures, UL Ventures and others. The most notable investor though is Porsche SE, the main stakeholder in Volkswagen Group, which owns brands like Audi, Porsche, Škoda, Seat, and Volkswagen of course. This furthers Aurora’s footprint in the automotive market.

Aurora Labs founding team L to R: Zohar Fox & Ori Lederman credit: Aurora Labs

In a conversation with Geektime, Aurora Labs CEO and co-founder Zohar Fox explains that the company is currently working with the 4 automotive giants, which are responsible for close to a third of global vehicle production. “Two of them are moving forward towards production,” reveals Fox. The company has raised a total of $34 million to-date. Aurora Labs was founded in 2016 by Zohar Fox and COO Ori Lederman.