Arieli Capital has teamed up with the Bridge Healing Arts Center (a U.S healthcare and real estate company) to launch a Wellness Tech Bootcamp, that will connect 10 startups with relevant brands, global customers, and investors. The goal of this international Bootcamp is to boost their global reach and grow these startups. As these startups deal with both physical and mental well-being, their growth is a growth for us all.

Good for you, good for us

Tech that deals with physical and mental health is not only good for us but also good for the market. Though mental illness is sometimes still seen as a taboo, it is slowly making its way to the frontline of our minds and society with more science and more people understanding its implications and the importance of addressing it. This, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbated both physical and mental ills, has led to a push for us as a society to start fighting for our health. This has therefore accelerated the growth of the healthcare industry and the demand for better physical and mental health, globally. To address this, various technologies, and innovations from different sectors, be it sports, healthcare, food, travel, finance, life-work balance, and more, have been seeking ways to optimize their product, for the benefit of us all. Since startups and investors are stepping up to fill the increasing demand, the Bootcamp program will act as their accelerator.

Some of the Israeli startups participating in the Wellness Tech Bootcamp include: RightHear, a company that offers accessibility solutions for people with orientation challenges, like the blind and visually impaired; Happy Things, an app that uses principles of positive psychology to guide users on how to live a happier life daily; CoBe, a friendly chatbot that helps adolescents cope with mental distress straight from their smartphone, wherever, whenever; Kai, which offers a personal wellness coach and journal on your smartphone to utilize therapeutic talking, life skill mentoring, and meditation; and Give & Tech, a company that targets high-tech companies looking to maximize their social impact, that facilitating professional and personalized volunteering by donating 90% of the tuition fees to social impact non-profits.

All in all, the global healthcare industry turns $4.5 trillion in revenues annually. Healthcare can mean a medley of things, including personal care, beauty, anti-aging, food, and physical and mental wellness, to name a few. Since the field is so diverse in both its character and its earnings, this Bootcamp poses a huge opportunity for the participating startups. And once again, it is Israeli initiatives and startups leading the way.