Antidote Health today announced the completion of a $22 million Series A funding round led by third-time investor iAngels, Group 11, and Flint Capital.

Providing affordable quality healthcare for all

The covid-19 pandemic has made telehealth a word that everyone is now familiar with. Telehealth, the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely, was a way for consumers and providers to safely access and deliver healthcare as the pandemic rampaged through our communities. In April 2020, overall telehealth utilization for office visits and outpatient care was 78 times higher than in February 2020. This includes services from cardiology, dental/ oral, dermatology, general medicine, and more. Though the pandemic isn't over, many are seeing the potential telehealth has, even in a post covid world; the U.S. healthcare market is laden with billions of dollars of operational and administrative inefficiencies, which leads to unaffordable and inaccessible healthcare for millions of Americans. Telehealth can therefore be a viable and affordable solution for many in need of healthcare.

Antidote Health is a leading telehealth provider offering quality, affordable healthcare to tens of millions of households across the United States. By utilizing AI and 20 years of clinical data, they democratize access and deliver care for a single price. Antidote caters to a fundamental problem in the $4 trillion healthcare market that can only be solved through the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology. Their goal: to ensure that everyone can have affordable, high-quality acute, primary, and chronic care services, 24/7/365.

The team at Antidote has experienced exceptional growth and lucrative unit economics as it has broken into an untapped opportunity. With the new capital from the funding round, the platform aims to deepen its market presence, expand its services throughout the United States, and support R&D activity, which includes advanced AI screening and clinical decision support system capabilities.

“Antidote Health’s team of medical and tech experts is building an innovative platform designed to serve the 80 million underinsured Americans with quality healthcare at a significantly lower cost”- Shelly Hod Moyal, Founding Partner at iAngels.

Antidote Health was founded in May 2020 by Avihai Sodri (CEO), Carine-Belle Feder (CTO), David Zlotnick (Chief Medical Officer) and Ben Enosh (President). To date, they have raised $34 million.