Amplication, the developer of an open-source project that streamlines and automates backend development, today announced that it has raised $6.6 million in seed funding, led by Norwest Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures Israel. Entrée Capital, Velocity Ventures and angel investors that include the founders of Datorama (acquired by Salesforce), Epsagon (acquired by Cisco) and Bridgecrew (acquired by Palo Alto Networks) also participated in this investment round.

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Those who work as developers in the technological world know how repetitive coding tasks are quite a drag. They are daunting and super time-consuming, which developers, who are already in short supply and therefore overworked, don't have time to dabble with. Amplication is an open-source project that makes coding more efficient by eliminating such repetitive coding tasks.

Amplication offers backend developers various no-code tools. The platform auto-generates fully functional, human-readable, and editable apps based on TypeScript and Node.js. This includes NestJS, Prisma, REST API, GraphQL API, a React admin UI, authentication, authorization, and testing. It generates common backend code that can scale up with business needs. It solves common backend challenges, such as API creation, monitoring, entity management and many other coding tasks that engineers must recreate over and over again for so many apps. Amplication is saving engineering teams valuable time; it alleviates delays in the development process that are caused by repetitive coding tasks, and therefore streamlines production, improves productivity and the overall efficiency of the process and engineering team.

What makes Amplication stand apart from the other similar tools on the market is that they offer the level of agility and flexibility that R&D teams need. Their product still allows for full control for flexibility, customization, and extensibility, which allows users to properly scale up with no issues whatsoever.

Since releasing the project in January 2021, Amplication has seen incredible community adoption with thousands of programmers using the product and actively contributing to its development, so much so that it is already supported by a community of programmers in 160 countries. The capital raised in this funding round will allow Amplication to expand its open-source community, bolster product development and introduce an enterprise version of the platform.

“We believe that Amplication’s approach enables the pace of no-code development, while also allowing full customizability. This combination places the company in a unique position to build scale within the open-source community and enterprises of all sizes,” – Dror Nahumi, general partner at Norwest Venture Partners.

Amplication was founded in 2021 by Yuval Hazaz (CEO). Until this seed funding round, the company was a self-starter, having bootstrapped around $200 000 from family and friends. Here’s hoping that the capital raised today will get them off the ground.