Despite the looming global economic uncertainty, Amazon announces that it will recruit another 150 employees to its three Israeli-based R&D centers, understanding the global human resource landscape and deciding to further invest in Israeli innovation. Following the move, Amazon will employ a total of 1,300 people in various innovation-oriented roles in Israel.

From drones to chips

Amazon will recruit to all its Israeli divisions - starting with Annapurna Labs, which is based on a chip startup Amazon had acquired; AWS cloud services; AI-assistant Alexa development; subsidiary startup CloudEndure’s cyber activities; its drone-based delivery service - PrimeAir; online advertising company Sizmek, which is based on acquired Israeli startup MediaMind’s technology; data-storage division E8; and its innovation unit Lab126.

Among the aforementioned, Amazon is also looking to tap the Israeli human resource market for a variety of positions with global operational importance, including business development experts, chip design engineers, hardware engineers, solution arichtechs, and many more.

Harel Ifhar, General Manager of AWS Israel responded to the “call-to-recruit”: “We are ecstatic about creating another 150 new jobs, added to our already strong team. This will allow us to further deepen the connection with the vast talent pool in Israel.” Ifhar added that “our teams play a key role in our ability to continue to innovate for our customer base. Our growing family is further testament to our ongoing dedication of helping expand Israel’s economic evolvement, as well to the amazing talent found here, all while focusing and supporting our customers during the pandemic.”

Amazon launched its first Israel-based operation in 2014, and following continuous success has expanded operations exponentially since then both in employment and general innovation-focused acitivity.