These days, in order for companies to better manage their data there is a need for a better onsite platform. But why have onsite, when you could just look to the clouds?  This trend is exactly what most companies are in the process or planning on doing. However, not all companies can just make the jump to the cloud, especially when talking about sensitive information that cannot physically leave the country and be stored in some faraway data center.  

It’s really similar, but not the real thing

AWS Outposts is a service that offers server racks for rent, that functionally run in your data center, but offer a wide array of AWS services on your local grounds. For example, unlike startups, government organizations are forbidden from using data centers abroad, because the data is not allowed to leave Israel in any way or form. Utilizing the Outposts enables these same government organizations the ability to use the cloud services while keeping their sensitive data on local soil.

Aside from keeping regulatory demands, organizations that use the local AWS Outpost will receive superior service at a lower latency, rather than trying to connect to data centers in other countries. Amazon highlights that Outpost customers will enjoy AWS’s full toolbox, hardware line, and APIs. In order to help migrate organizations to use Outposts, Amazon has collaborated with CloudZone, AllCloud, and Automat-it. These companies will assist with planning, migrating, and operating the new service.

Even though this may be Amazon’s first step into the Israeli cloud market, it wasn’t the first cloud giant to make move on the holy land. Just last year in June, Microsoft launched Azure Stacks in Israel, which is the tech giant’s rival product to the AWS Outposts. Microsoft also offers a hybrid use of local cloud infrastructure, done inside Israeli borders, however, unlike Amazon’s on-site cloud service, Microsoft’s solution is run through data centers. Microsoft also noted that it intends to construct a fully loaded data center in Israel, which will allow access to the full array of Azure’s cloud services inside Israel.

The AWS Israeli launch is not yet the whole pie but only a piece, meaning it’s not yet like having an actual data center in Israel, meaning the newly implemented local Outpost service won’t function the same as if you were running AWS cloud services from data centers in other countries.