Aidoc, the Israeli start-up that is a leading provider of enterprise-grade AI solutions for medical imaging, last week announced a partnership with Novant Health, a U.S health network of over 1,800 physicians with 15 medical centers across three states.

Aidoc delivers a comprehensive and widely used portfolio of AI solutions that helps providers by flagging patients with suspected acute conditions in real-time. It, therefore, expedites patient treatment and improves the quality of care. This partnership will allow Novant Health to expand upon its already existing slate of innovative technologies that are designed to improve the delivery of patient care and outcomes.

When diagnosing and treating critical pathologies like pulmonary emboli and hemorrhagic strokes, time is of the essence– every second counts. Using Aidoc’s leading-edge, innovative AI technology allows physicians to identify and prioritize such patients and provide rapid life-saving treatments more quickly. Aidoc, therefore, helps to improve patient safety and results. The need for Aidoc’s technology, and those like it, has become especially apparent with the recent rise of the Omicron variant, as it has severely impacted hospital emergency room capacities and resources across the U.S. Using Aidoc will enable radiologists and related hospital providers to expedite care for tens of thousands of patients and lighten the load hospitals have been bombarded with. Additionally, integrating such technology, as Novant Health has done with Aidoc, will set an example to the rest of the medical community that contemporary technologies will help the sector both in turbulent and non-turbulent periods–it will help encourage the digital transformation for improving workflow efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Some areas in which Aidoc’s FDA-cleared AI solutions will be helping Novant Health are acute conditions like intracranial hemorrhage (brain bleeds), pulmonary embolism (lung blood clots), incidental pulmonary embolism, c-spine fracture, and abdominal free air AI solutions.

Aidoc was founded in 2016 by Guy Reiner, Gal Yaniv, Michael Braginsky, and Elad Walach, and has raised $140 million thus far. Their healthcare AI platform is currently used by thousands of physicians in hospitals and radiology groups worldwide and across multiple care coordination service lines, having analyzed over 10.3 million scans in the past year.