Israeli startup AI21 Labs, which harnesses AI to develop language understanding tools, emerges from stealth mode with its premier solution - Wordtune. The company’s product acts as a writing companion, providing deep insight into the writing process so that the text is clear and compelling.

“We have an unparalleled group of AI talent"

Most of the current market writing assistants solely provide grammar and spelling correction, while Wordtune digs deeper into understanding the thought behind the writing, and provides different ways to translate it into comprehensible and quality text.

“Wordtune ushers in a new writing paradigm, where humans and machines work iteratively together to distill thoughts and shape them into words,” said Yoav Shoham, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AI21 Labs. “We want to provide a co-writer, not just a copyeditor so that we’re using technology to reduce the gap between your thoughts and what you end up writing.”

According to the company, AI21 Labs focuses on fundamentally changing how humans read and write, a process that has not seen innovative change since autocorrect, basically. As mentioned before, current writing solutions only address certain parts of the writing process, whereas Wordtune aims to leverage advanced AI technology and language models to actually understand the context and semantics of the written text.

Wordtune offers users more than one way to get the words just right. Users highlight text and Wordtune offers suggestions for editing. Users simply select the tune that meets their intention and then choose to either completely rewrite sentences, make them more casual, more formal, shorter, or longer.

Tel Aviv based AI21 Labs was founded in 2017 by experienced AI specialists, including Shoham, a serial entrepreneur who previously sold two companies to Google, and former Stanford professor for computer science; co-CEO Ori Goshen, a former member of the celebrated 8200 tech unit of the IDF; and Chairman Amnon Shashua, who is a professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and founder of now Intel owned Mobileye, and co-founder of OrCam. Additional leading AI professors from around the world also serve AI21 Labs in various capacities.

“We have an unparalleled group of AI talent,” said Amnon Shashua, Co-Founder and Chairman of AI21 Labs. “Our deep scientific knowledge and previous industry experience has allowed us to craft this innovative tool, build new markets, and foster a dynamic company that will make a lasting impact on the AI industry.”

And yes I did use Wordtune insight to help write this article :)