Israeli startup Adaptive Shield announced a $4 million Seed investment led by Vertex. The company is developing a security solution for SaaS infrastructure.

So that Slack doesn’t cause your next data leak

As the world becomes more digitized, more organizations are finding themselves intertwined between various SaaS applications and services. Each application has its own settings and authorizations, which denies your organizational data-security team from really ever being able to fully manage all the ins and outs of the network. “Manually managing all settings and configurations is borderline impossible,” Adaptive Shield CEO and co-founder Maor Bin in a conversation with Geektime. “Most organizations are looking for a one policy fits all approach over the different applications, and how to retain it over time.”

The company’s system, which takes 5 minutes to install, is capable of identifying all the incorrect security configurations in every application in organization use. The intuitive system then provides automated remediation to the incorrect settings, alerting if any changes can create a potential breach point for hackers or data leak. The platform supports dozens of different applications including Zoom, Slack, Office 365, Salesforce, and more.

“Even though all SaaS platforms have dozens, if not hundreds of built-in security measures, the responsibility though to define them falls on the customer’s shoulders. To put it this way, cyber-security teams are unable to handle the load of managing thousands of different setting configurations and authorizations. Our mission is to provide security teams with one platform that manages data-security across all active and inactive SaaS applications,” explains Bin.

Adaptive Shield was founded by CEO Maor Bin and CTO Jony Shlomoff. The two met in the military, but each went their own way. “Every organization currently uses dozens of SaaS services without taking the proper security measures, which constantly change,” says Vertex General Partner Emanuel Timor. “We were impressed with Adaptive Shield’s vision on how to handle data-security threats in such elegant, quick, and automatic fashion. In addition, we also were pleasantly surprised by the dedication of the Israeli company’s customer base in being part of the solution,” Timor added.