Israel has long been regarded as a powerhouse of innovation and a hotbed for entrepreneurial endeavors. Yet, over the past few years, there has been a rapid influx of new and exciting start-ups that have garnered global attention as a handful of thought leaders attempt to tackle some of the most prevalent issues brought about by our increasingly digital world.

Incredibly, nine Israeli startups achieved unicorn status in the first three months of 2021, more than any other country in Europe, compared to 15 in all of 2020 and 12 in 2019. Thereby, it's clear to see that Israeli start-ups have acquired a knack for disruptive innovation across various industries, largely thanks to investment in world-class research institutions, strong government backing, and an ever-reliable stream of investment (reaching $9.93 billion in 2020).

As a result, Israel is now a key player in developing innovative technology and lucrative commercial opportunities. In fact, Tel Aviv currently holds the record of producing the most start-ups per capita in the world, demonstrating how rapidly the country's digital industry is growing. With this in mind, it's no surprise to see some of Israel's biggest start-ups starting to disrupt the sales experience industry, which has been crying out for new technological innovations in recent years, especially in the wake of the global pandemic.

Now, there are many new solutions available to companies looking to overcome the contemporary challenges posed by our digital world, whether through the management of remote workforces, improving digital product demonstrations, or creating highly customized sales experiences tailored to prospects' needs. On that note, let's look at five of the most inventive and successful Israeli start-ups that are revolutionizing the sales experience industry.


WalkMe is the only public company on the list. Headquartered out of Tel Aviv and founded by Dan Adika, Rafael Sweary, Eyal Cohen, and Yuval Shalom Ozanna. In short, WalkMe offers a Digital Adoption Platform that enables organizations to measure, drive, and act in a way that ultimately accelerates their digital transformation efforts so they can better realize the value of their software investments.

This is becoming an increasingly important challenge that businesses of all shapes and sizes must overcome, especially as they edge further into a new digital world. Unfortunately, this has become even more of a pressing issue in light of the events brought about by the global pandemic, which has seen a huge rise in the prevalence of remote working and digital engagements with consumers.

Using WalkMe's codeless platform, leaders within the business are empowered with visibility into digital usage across all departments, thus providing valuable insights that can be used to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

As for the sales experience, WalkMe increases visibility into your entire sales stack, providing data into software usage, employee productivity, and user journeys across the sales cycle. This allows you to accelerate your sales cycle by increasing the adoption of your product or service, streamlining the process from lead generation to revenue generation.


In July 2020, Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland launched Walnut, the world's first sales experience platform designed to assist SaaS companies in delivering flawless product demos that put their prospects in the center of the conversation.

These situations provide businesses with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase the value and capabilities of their product to potential buyers, usually with the intent of sealing a contract at the end. However, they are usually fraught with technical issues and cause friction between internal departments, especially when it comes to SaaS companies.

Walnut has engineered a 100% codeless platform that allows salespeople to create a customizable product demo for each client targeted. Being able to design and edit the sales demo without the need for coding frees up a significant amount of resources and eliminates the need for cross-collaboration between sales departments and back-end teams such as R&D, product development, and graphic design, giving the sales team full creative control over the demonstration.

The demo can be effortlessly tweaked and teams can improve the overall experience for their prospects by eliminating inefficient sections and gradually improving the overall demo experience. Once a winning recipe is discovered, sales agents can apply it as many times as they want without having to redo the demo or start from scratch each time. This allows teams to sell more rapidly, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Team leaders also can finally learn about the performance of their reps, and get insights of how to improve the future of demos..

Walnut's platform is 100 percent cloud-based, which means you can wave goodbye to all technical difficulties normally associated with live demos. Because the demo is hosted on the cloud, sales teams can present it in a secure environment with no downtime and no loading time concerns.

In its first year, Walnut has raised a total of $21 million from leading investors in Silicon Valley, England and Israel, and has won prestigious titles ranging from "Top 50 Startups to Work for Globally" to "Top 3 Must-Have Startups of the Year.”


Gong, which was established by Amit Bendov and Eilon Reshef in 2015. Gong is fast gaining traction as a must-have sales tool for any team looking to reach their full potential through better understanding consumer wants and needs. Businesses nowadays interact with their customers through a number of various touchpoints. Whether it be through emails, phone conversations, live chat, video calls, or online conferencing, organizations are gathering a lot of data from their customers without ever putting it to good use

The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ captures and understands every customer interaction. It subsequently breaks them down and delivers key insights to the sales teams, who then use them to win more deals. Amazingly, the Gong platform uses patented artificial intelligence technologies to decipher what is stated in these client encounters. It can also understand the context in which these interactions are occurring.

The platform will then call your attention to any potential risks in the sales pipeline, which helps you get a head start on overcoming objections and dealing with issues even before the customer has had a chance to realize them. This is also pivotal in custom retention.

Furthermore, Gong aids businesses in identifying patterns and trends in data, helping business owners understand how their market is reacting in real-time, resulting in valuable insights that can help boost sales and vastly improve the sales experience. It's a great tool for acquiring objective data on soft skills, helping sales teams improve with data-backed performance reports, which gives team leaders the ability to develop personalized coaching programs.


Dealtale is a no-code, data exploration and customer journey optimization platform, founded by Ariel Geifman, Adi Mizrahi, and Aviran Mozes. They recently raised seed funding in the amount of 20 million dollars.

These days, there is an endless ocean of options when it comes to digital analytics tools and many sales and marketing teams find themselves using multiple. Going over all of the data across these different platforms can be quite the headache. Dealtale easily pulls data from various CRM tools into one platform, so that you can see the big picture more clearly.

Dealtale uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the path of the customer journey and identify the key touchpoints that influence customer behavior. Dealtale allows you to easily identify at-risk customer segments. With this information at your fingertips, your sales team will be able to easily understand what steps should be taken to enhance the customer journey, without the help of a dedicated data analyst. How do they do this exactly?

The Dealtale platform enables customer segmentation as well as funnel and cohort analysis. You can easily segment your users into specific groups and compare your metric of choice across these groups. With funnels and cohort analysis, you can analyze customers’ journey and track multiple touchpoints. These key features allow you to quickly identify where improvement is needed.


DealHub is an AI-powered, revenue amplification platform. They have been on a roll, between their $20 million Series B funding round, and the fact that they have managed to score the previously-mentioned Gong and WalkMe companies as customers.

DealHub allows for the connection of all of your sales solutions into one fluid sales platform. It seamlessly integrates with leading CRM’s such as Salesforce.

Their most unique feature perhaps is their innovative DealRoom. This digital room is a centralized sales hub for important details, files and updates – from product and pricing summaries to approvals and contracts – so you can deliver a concise and personalized sales experience each and every time. This allows for a faster sales cycle, as you no longer need to pull details and records from various places.

DealRooms are customizable, so sales teams can populate it with content that is relevant to each individual prospect. It’s easy to see how effectively your DealRoom is performing as well, as you will be receiving real-time insights. Sales teams will be able to see if a prospect has viewed the DealRoom, signed a document, and more. And let’s not forget that this information seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Freshworks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Final word

These five Israeli companies are taking great strides towards disrupting the sales experience industry, thanks to their innovative platforms and much-needed products that help deliver tons of value to the companies that incorporate them into their business operations. With the use of these platforms,  it's possible to empower your sales teams with better tools and more data than ever before, which helps fine-tune strategies and tailor sales efforts towards the exact wants and needs of every customer your employees face.