New concept: Booking meeting rooms at the heart of Tel Aviv by the hour


Work centers like WeWork, Merkspace and others have become very popular among entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers from a variety of fields who work without a permanent office. Now, a new Israeli venture is trying to present something a bit different through a conference room complex, which operates according to the model of renting rooms at an hourly rate. The project, “Meet in Place,” wants to save you the hassle of reserving your office meeting room or the uncomfortable feeling of sitting in a coffee shop for 3 hours. The concept also offers the possibility of conducting meetings and conferences in the heart of the city.

A very clear purpose

“Meet in Place” offers a similar but different concept to the work areas we know, being a designated place for meetings and conferences in the heart of Tel Aviv – whether that be a professional interview, start-up work meetings or a presentation to be given over to 30 people. The complex includes 20 meeting rooms of different sizes and styles (including a classic meeting room, large meeting room, a Salon and a Grand Salon), all with WiFi connection.

A nice feature ‘Meet in Place’ offers is the ability to see the availability of the rooms at any given time (even a few months ahead, similar to hotel booking sites,), reserve them in advance and secure your reservation without even having to raise the phone. The whole process is done online through their website or application. Another perk is that meetings in an office space are considered tax-deductible, unlike a meeting that takes place in a café. 

In terms of rates, the Classic Conference Room cost about 98 NIS per hour for up to 3 participants – each additional participant will cost an additional 8 NIS. The room can accommodate up to 10 participants. In the evening hours (starting at 19:00) the rate is lower and stands at 65 NIS per hour. The Grand Salon for up to 10 people costs 144 NIS for 3 people (each additional person will cost an additional 8 NIS) and the Large Conference Room that can accommodate up to 30 people costs 196 NIS for 3 people, and an additional 8 NIS per extra participant.

In addition, the rate of the Classic Conference Room includes espresso and soda water. Those of you who are not satisfied with espresso can order the Classic room, which also includes a cappuccino at NIS 108 per hour. The room with the highest upgrade, which includes cookies alongside the coffee costs about NIS 118 per hour. You can go through the rooms and see their exact specifications from the size of the TV screen to how many people it can accommodate. By the way, we checked and there is a ‘club membership’ that can be purchased, allowing users to buy and bank hours from 25, 50 or 100 hours at a time for a discounted rate of up to 20%.

On the surface, it seems to us that this is an interesting concept. For a reasonable amount, it is possible to have a quiet conversation over a cup of coffee with other people right in the center of Tel Aviv (the compound is located at 8 Rothschild Street). The brains behind the project are entrepreneurs Mickey Dorsman, who is also a partner at WeWork and Yaron Kopel, a former senior executive at SodaStream (so now you understand why there is a soda machine in each room).


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