Top 10 tech startups jumping in Jacksonville
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Photo courtesy: Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce

Call it Jax or call it J-ville, but it answers to the largest city in Florida with hot weather and a hotter startup scene

Nearly a million people call sprawling Jacksonville home, and another 625k or so sleep in the surrounding metropolitan area. Businesses love the area as shown by the four Fortune 500 headquarters buildings, and multiple regional banks, retailers, and financial services companies.

Hungry for knowledge? The buffet is set in Jacksonville, with 10 universities, colleges, or branch campuses around town. Prefer pro football over the college game? Head out to EverBank Field to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If you love sailors you’ll love Jax since it has the third largest naval presence in the country. The military is the largest employer in the area staffing the 35 operational squadrons or units based there. Swirl together military funding, commerce, financial services, and hustle, and you get startups.


Photo courtesy: Citra

Orange Health Solutions (Citra) works to improve one of the most painful areas of medicine: handling patient care, billing, and follow-up. Companies on all sides of the health swamp, from providers to payers to employers to the health system component need better patient handling tools, and Citra is making those now.

Opening their doors and their programming work in 2014, Citra also received their first venture placement. April rains that year included $22.5 million in funding from an unnamed investor.

BCR Environmental

Photo courtesy: BCR Environmental

More people mean more waste which means more strain on bio systems. One way to help is to do like BCR Environmental and clean up biosolids through a variety of methods. CleanB, Neutralizer, CleanB-AC and more options keep waste away and replaced with fresh.

Started as a “clean technology” in 2011, BCR cleaned up with $10 million in Series A funding in October of that year. Two years later, Series B funds plopped in at $6 million more. $16 million in two rounds is really cleaning up.


Photo courtesy: Finxact

Behind the tellers and the vaults, the real work of a bank is done by the core software. Finxact now makes it possible to run Core-as-a-Service with a completely open banking API set. The cloud software focuses on all bank processing functions so officers can stay busy giving out toasters with new accounts.

Since the founders have 35+years in banking software, Finxact started fast. The company started development in the summer of 2016, and in May 2017 received a seed money placement of $12 million.

Drone Aviation Corporation

Photo courtesy: Drone Aviation Corporation

Drones – serious business aeronautical tools or grown up toys for grown up boys? Who cares? Even used for work they’re way cool, and Drone Aviation Corp. makes several fun ones. Better software and easier controls make even work fun, even when used by Homeland Security, the Military, law enforcement, or other applications.

A rollup of older company Lighter Than Air Systems Corporation gave DAC their official start in April 2014. Some earlier funding and debt financing dollars were included. Since then, DAC grabbed $1 million in Series G money in June 2015 from Frost Gamma Investments Trust, and another $3.73 million venture funds from an unnamed source. All add up to a flying total of $6.6 million.


Photo courtesy: Launcher Solutions

Is selling cars a tech business that can be considered a startup? No, but a new way to finance said cars with mobile apps and a full backend system can be. That’s what Launcher.Solutions offers to car dealers in the subprime/nearprime lending market.

Starting only back in 2016, Launcher.Solutions has been busy. After developing their market strategy and software, Lucor Holdings drove up with $5 million in a Series A round.

Duos Technologies

Photo courtesy: Duos Technologies

There’s dumb video for bingeing and smart video for surveillance, security, analytics, and process monitoring. If you need the smart kind, check out Duos Technologies and their connected intelligence solutions for tough projects like tracking railway cars.

Video has been around for a while, and Duos started in 1990. But intelligent solutions to manage and analyze video hadn’t, hence the pivot toward a more high-tech product suite. Duos received Series A and Series B money in 2006 and 2008, but the latest affirmation was $1.8 million in debt financing in April 2016.

IX-ONE Data Council

Photo courtesy: IX-ONE

Companies have a tough time selling things in the world of Internet commerce if they don’t have outstanding product images and exactly the right data. IX-ONE helps companies young and old, small and large, with their imaging and supply chain expertise. And they are big in the natural, organic, and specialty food products areas.

As should be expected, a company supporting Internet marketing is fairly young, and IX-ONE started in 2014. By May 2016 their work had attracted an unknown investor who dropped $3.8 million in their laps.

OneThing Solutions

Photo courtesy: OneThing

It may be a digital world but there are many many many legacy companies out there. To help, OneThing can pull the old-fashioned and timid into the modern world of digital marketing, development services, and for the brave, branding. Marketing constantly evolves, and OneThing helps companies keep up.

2010 wasn’t a great year for business startups, but OneThing opened their doors then and by March 2011 got nearly $900k in venture funding and debt financing. As a sign of continued growth, they got a venture round of $1.75 million in October 2012. Nice total of over $2.6 million to date.

U.S. Preventive Medicine

Photo courtesy: U.S. Preventive Medicine

We all want to live longer, but we’re all so busy we forgot to do the things that will help. What good is your wearable health doodad if you ignore it? None, says U.S. Preventive Medicine, a group that leverages wearables and web portals but also uses the personal touch to help prevent some diseases, catch others early, and manage chronic conditions.

Our health needed help back in 2004, when USPM started. Why a startup if it’s now a teenaged company? Because pivots and leveraging new communication tools means $2 million venture funds in 2013 to go along with three earlier rounds. All stacked up it’s a healthy $2.63 million worth of investor faith USPM can help people live longer and save money for their employers and insurers.

Breezy HR

Photo courtesy: BreezyHR

Every company needs to hire employees, but in a work day devoid of free time and with so much social media and other personal information to check, most need help finding help. Enter Breezy HR, the modern way to identify candidates, vet them in a world of Facebook foolishness and Twitter toe-stubs, and track the process with real data not hunches.

Fairly new, starting up in the summer of 2014, Breezy got affirmation with $250k in seed funding from Real Ventures in January 2015. In May 2016, Real Ventures teamed with Symphony Technology Group and plopped down another $1.67 million, bringing the total investment to darn near $2 million.

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