Top 10 tech companies growing in Glasgow
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The West Central Lowlands proved fertile ground for Scotland’s largest city and some successful startups

Glasgow, if not eternal, is close. The first official structures were built around 600, fairly recent considering Scotland’s first were about 6,000 years ago. A huge trading center in the 1700s, especially in tobacco, Glasgow leveraged the River Clyde into becoming a booming center of the Industrial Revolution.

The largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the UK, Glasgow counts over 600,000 citizens with more than double that total in the greater Glasgow urban area. Add in the entire region of over 2.3 million folks and over 40 percent of the people in Scotland revolve around Glasgow.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English speaking world, and is joined by a number of other colleges and universities. Multiple large hospitals provide care for residents and inspiration for entrepreneurs. All this adds up to the largest economy in Scotland a green field for tech startups.

Mono Consultants Limited

Photo courtesy: Mono Conultants

Your smartphone may be thin and light, but it holds billions of dollars of support equipment and hundreds of thousands of people behind that LED screen. Mono Consultants is one of the biggest groups in the UK to design, build, and support mobile device connections.

Previously known as James Barr Consultants, Mono started in 1997 which makes it too old to be considered a startup. But the company has swept into the future with faster mobile device support. A new direction garnered 7 million pounds from the Business Growth Fund, That’s $1.5 million or more in startup talk.

Clintec International

Photo courtesy: Clinitec

Some medicines may grow on trees, but the clinical research needed to identify medicinal properties must be done by someone. Clintech International is one of the companies doing that research, and work with drug development companies around the world.

Formed in 1997, Clintec pivoted a bit and refocused with a funding round of 8 million pounds in August 2010. Good news travels fast, and they won awards as Scale-Up Business of the year and more clients.

M Squared Lasers

Photo courtesy: M Squared Lasers

What’s cooler and more high tech than lasers? Pretty much nothing until flying cars take us to virtual reality movie houses. So M Squared Lasers gets on the list for the name alone. Add in the fact their products help physics research labs and they were named as the UK’s leading innovator in 2016 and the cool factor gets close to absolute zero.

Lasers aren’t new and neither is M Squared. But the Business Growth Fund watched them for nearly a decade before green lighting 3.85 million pounds of venture funding. That’s over $6 million, so the laser lights are burning brighter.

Smarter Grid Solutions

Photo courtesy: SmarterGrid

Electricity powers wonderfully advanced technology, but electrical distribution systems tend to be terribly outdated. Smarter Grid Solutions has become a leading smart grid technology company in the UK and around the world, including the US.

Founded in 2008, when infrastructure started getting at least some of the attention needed, they worked under the radar until an undisclosed amount of venture money appeared in January 2012. A year later Scottish Equity Partners put up 3 million pounds. In October 2014 the company received a small grand. Total funding to date is just under $5 million.

Encompass Corporation

Photo courtesy: Encompass

Banks in this time of criminal group funding concerns have more regulations and compliance issues than ever. Encompass and their suite of tools carry the load for financial services firms in area like proof of compliance, policy automation, and verification of data sources.

Started in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson, they used their technology backgrounds for development. In September 2016 Adcock Private Equity and the Scottish Investment Bank partnered for a venture round in the area of $4.7 million.


Photo courtesy: Swipii

Big box retailers have marketing staffs, but independents need help. Say hello to Swipii and their baby octopus logo on an automated marketing suite. Loyalty programs and engagement tools mean small stores can market like the giants.

Started by two college students in February 2014 with an undisclosed amount of angel funding, Swipii also received another undisclosed amount in November 2015. $2.5 million in venture funds swiped in during October 2016, followed by 500k pounds in January 2017. That adds up to around $3.5 million or more so far.


Photo courtesy: KILTR

Social media is great when you see stuff that interests you and annoying when you don’t. So KILTR decided to make platforms with the slogan, “It’s All About the Good Stuff.” Community, shared interests, original content and more make KILTR’s good stuff more fun (and engaging for clients) than ever.

IN 2010, the first wave of huge social media companies were hitting the shore, and we loved them. Easy to overlook among the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, KILTR developed the platform and started to grow, and 2 million pounds of seed funding joined the party. That’s over $3 million so far and counting.

Anacail Ltd

Photo courtesy: Anacail

Medical instruments need strong disinfecting and cleaning tools, and Anacail is one of the leading vendors in handling Ozone, one of the most popular agents for decontaminating medical devices. They also work on food preservation equipment and produce shelf-life extension.

Beginning in 2011, Anacail received a Series A round in April 2015. So far, no spoilage on their $3 million funding placement.


Photo courtesy: Vamosa

The explosion of the Web means companies must present a consistent message in a million places both physical and virtual. This was done with paper and ledgers in the last century, but now only software can really track software. And Vamosa makes the software many of the largest companies in the rely on for message consistency.

Starting as one of the companies with paper and ledgers back in 1997, Vamosa pivoted to the Internet and Web world. It helped that Maven Capital Partners provided a consistent venture funding statement with 1 million pounds in the summer of 2009.


Photo courtesy: Sistemic

Big results often come from small things, and that’s never truer than in medical research focused on subsets of DNA like Sistemic’s focus on the biology of microRNAs in cancer and other diseases. They offer a variety of research services across multiple cell types, cell lines, and therapy options.

A $1 million Series A funding from ChimeraBio came in March 2010, not too long after the company started in 2009. Stay tuned for more.

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