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hang out, meet new peers, watch interesting projects and shape your engineering career with LiveEdu.TV

Managing your engineering career is not easy. If you are an engineer and working in the industry, you already know the level of competition on the market. Automation is also playing its part in making the market more skill oriented than ever.

Before engineers enter the job market, they go through a well-structured learning phase during college. Online platforms and resources also make it easy for them to start their journey. But, the struggle begins when they start working on real-world projects. The constant need to upgrade their skills and stay on top of the new technologies and tools can be a tough challenge for any engineer out there.

So, how can one improve themselves and be ready for the challenges? Let’s meet, an online platform that lets users watch and broadcast technology related content. is one of those platforms that is helping engineers to shape their engineering career. It is based on live streaming where you can hang out, meet new peers, watch interesting projects and explore your knowledge. The platform caters to all many technologies, including Programming, Game Development, Data Science, Design, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Build Relationships

Networking is a crucial part of your engineering career. It opens up new opportunities and enables you to work on interesting projects. Research has also shown that 80% of jobs are landed through networking.

Building relationship and networking your skills is easy on LiveEdu. Engineers from different geo locations are part of the community and regularly stream on the platform. You can find engineers who specialize in self-driving cars to engineers who can build amazing web apps. So, what is in it for you?

You can watch and communicate with them real-time. The opportunity to watch their projects live and the ability to communicate can open doors to networking, improving your chances to land new projects.

You can also find freelancers on the platform. KillRoy is a freelancer and a web development expert who has streamed more than 1100+ hours on the platform. The opportunities for networking are endless.

Learn New Skills and Keep Your Current Skillset Sharp

A sure-shot way to skyrocket your engineering career is to keep learning. This applies to any profession right now and not only engineering. If you stay idle, the chances are that you will get replaced. There can be multiple challenges that one has to go through to keep learning new stuff and also to maintain current skills.

With LiveEdu, you can explore new skills and also improve on the current skill-set. With learn pages, you can dive deep into any subject you like and start exploring. If you want to learn more about things that you already know, you can follow streamers that are also working on the same technology.

Broadcasting can also help you stay at the top of your game. When you broadcast, you can explore your boundaries more clearly and improve at the same time.

Broadcast Your Projects

The ability to put your work in front of the audience can be a life-changing experience for many engineers. Exploring the boundaries is one of the best ways to learn and improve your engineering career. There are multiple benefits of broadcasting your project. First, you get the chance to create an audience for your work. Secondly, you can show the work to potential clients and companies who are looking for fresh talent. Yup, live projects can easily be used as a portfolio and to help you improve your engineering career.

Not to mention there are many benefits from broadcasting your projects. Let’s list them below.

  1. You get to showcase your personal projects to the world around you.
  2. Broadcasting can also help you motivate yourself and stay disciplined throughout the whole session–productivity boost.
  3. You can make new friends and expand your network like never before.

Watch Others

Another way to improve yourself is to watch others work on their project. As you already know, working on a real-world project is what matters. Watching others work and seeing them can help you understand the complexities and skills that are required to solve a problem. This can lead you to have a better understanding of the difficulties that you can counter while working on similar projects.

You can also help streamers by providing feedback on their work and guide them to solutions. The opportunity to engage and solve solutions as a community is always there.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit to improving yourself. So, don’t wait at all. Always keep yourself at the top of your game by exploring new opportunities. LiveEdu is an excellent platform for engineers to explore. The idea of livestreaming is not new, and many companies are using livestreaming to improve their products.So why not a platform that utilizes livestreaming for education, career and networking growth?

The first time I visited the platform, I knew that it had something unique and in this article, I tried my best to portray the platform objectively. Have you visited the platform earlier? If so, what do you think about it and does it hold promise for the future engineers?

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