Moovit opens up their API to stream data on public transportation
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Image Credit: Moovit

Is this Israeli startup looking to take on Google Maps with their first step into wider integration?

Transportation app startup Moovit announced today that they are launching a new toolkit for developers that will allow businesses to integrate the company’s data into third-party apps and websites.

Focusing on public transportation, Moovit’s app collects real-time information on bus, train, and other modes of getting around to help their users make it from A to Be faster and more efficiently.

They claim to have over 55 million users throughout the globe, updating them with up to 200 million data points to let them create their routes.

While the company believes that offering up their database to the development community will help them with exposure, they see plenty of benefits for the businesses that choose to access their API.

“Installing the Moovit Directions Web Widget, text links and buttons on a website is the simplest way a company can generate more traffic to its location via public transport,” said Moovit Vice President of Products and Marketing, Yovav Meydad in his statement to the press.

Along with the API, Moovit says that they will also include:

  • Directions widget for organizations to integrate public transport information to their website
  • Deeplinking for mobile, giving companies the possibility to offer users a one tap experience to get public transport information
  • Embedded web app, giving companies the chance to put the entire Moovit web experience directly onto their site

So how could this actually be used in real life?

Venues that host concerts, sports, and other events that draw large crowds could use this integration on their website, giving their guests alternative ways of getting there that won’t require circling around for parking.

Then of course stores and others would probably find a similar benefit, especially those in urban settings.

Photo credit: Moovit

Moovit now has partnerships with Uber, Lyft and Gett in different markets around the world

My thoughts

From the feel of this announcement, it feels as though Moovit might be taking a shot at Google Maps’ dominance on the web. By this point, integrating Google Maps onto a website has become fairly standard.

However, by adding the functionality in real-time of showing the user directions directly on the site or app, Moovit seems to be taking a good step forward. If it works out, we may start seeing Moovit on a lot more “Contact Us” pages pretty soon.

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