This is the right time to start a career in AI
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Have you ever thought of working in AI? If so, now is the right time to start

With so much advancement in the AI field, there is no reason to not pursue Artificial Intelligence. On top of that, there is a huge market demand for AI engineers right now.

Multiple online platforms are also making it easy for AI aspirants to showcase their skills and improve themselves. is one of the unique platforms that enable any technology lover to showcase their skills. The platform enables anyone to broadcast their projects. Moreover, the AI aspirants can watch advanced AI projects on the site and have interaction with AI engineers. Udacity is also helping AI aspirants by providing amazing AI related courses and nano degree programs.

So, how come it is the right time to start an AI career? Let’s try to answer the question by looking into different aspects of AI.

How much can you make as an AI engineer?

The first question that always comes up when choosing a career path is the prospects of earning. No one should just pick up a career without knowing how much they can make or will make in future. Of Course, there are always some exceptions when it comes to personal choice where not all weightage is given to payscale. In short, payscale should take an important part of your decision, but should never be of the highest impact.

AI engineers are paid heavily right now, with an average salary of $135K per annum(US), making it one of the best paid jobs right now. Some are already making $250K per annum with options of stock and other benefits.

What if I told you that prominent AI engineers and scientists are already retiring from their work? The reason behind their decision is the amount of money they have already made by working on AI. This single event speaks about the huge market opportunity that new engineers can take right now. All they need to do is start learning AI and pursue it with all the passion and dedication they can ever have.

Plenty of resources to work with

To become an AI engineer, you don’t have to take any special class. All the resources are available online and ready to use. You can follow a simple guide on “How to become an Artificial Intelligence engineer” to get started. You can also check other resources for starting AI. They are listed below.

Medium Post: List of best resources to learn the foundations of Artificial Intelligence
AI Resource page: Offers tons of AI resources.
CS Berkeley AI resources
Ultimate Artificial Resources guide

The path until now

Photo Credit: John Lund / Getty Images Israel)

Artificial Intelligence growth just didn’t happen in one-day. It took decades of work to finally arrive at the point where it is now. The year 2016 can easily be said as the “Year of AI”. With computer program AlphaGo beating the best Go player, the odds are now in the favor of AI.

The history of Artificial intelligence is rich. It dates back to the ”Antiquity.” However, if we look into the modern AI history, the real deal started in 1956 when John McCarthy coined the word, “Artificial Intelligence.”

Major improvements are seen in the last three decades. One of the prime examples of AI impact is the self-driving cars.

AI rich history and exponential growth is enough to encourage anyone to start an AI career. Even with huge milestones, many experts believe that AI is still in its infant stage. David Hanson, the founder of the Hanson Robotics refers to AI as “smart”, but still in the infant stage.

The realization that AI has still a long way to go adds value to anyone who is going to start their AI career.

Current advancements and the future

Artificial Intelligence is currently being used in all the major sectors, including health, social media analysis, self-driving cars, language processing and others. The AlphaGo victory is just one of the signs of amazing things to happen. Many experts believe that AI will continue to grow in the year 2017.

If you see the current advancement, it would be easy to say that the future of “AI” is promising. However, experts are not sure about how the future of AI will unfold. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google is himself speculative on what the future holds for AI.

Until now, we have seen great advancements in AI. There is always an uproar when there is a seismic technological shift which transforms industries. The same is true for the rise of Artificial Intelligence and many people are afraid of losing their job to automation.

Not only white-collar workers, but many IT workers are also threatened with the advancement of AI and its application in automation. Right now, the best way to secure your future is to equip yourself with skills.

Keeping all the above facts in mind, it is the right time to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

So, what do you think about starting an AI career? Is it the right time? Share your views in the comments section below.

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