Mark it on your calendars: Geektime Code Elevation, Israel’s largest developers’ conference, on June 5
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Image Credit: Geektime

Geektime Code Elevation, the largest and most professional developers’ conference in Israel, is back, in cooperation with the Elevation Academy: An entire day devoted to the community of developers, with 50 lectures and professional workshops on six different tracks. The details follow

After the enormous success of the largest developers’ conference in Israel last year, it is coming back this year under a different name – Geektime Code Elevation. Over 1,500 developers will attend an entire day completely devoted to languages, code, directories, bugs, and everything of interest to members of the development community.

The conference will be held in cooperation with the Elevation Academy on June 5 in the conference center of the InterContinental David Hotel. The conference will include 50 lectures, and professional workshops on six different tracks aimed at exposing the participants to the new technologies, the work methods of developers in leading companies, and colleagues facing similar problems in their daily work.
This year’s tracks will deal with the hottest sectors, such as cyber attacks and VR; development technologies in various countries; career development for development, and other interesting topics. The six tracks are:

Big Data, Small Talks – big data, machine learning, deep learning, data science
The Future of Things – IoT, drones, VR, AR, autonomous cars
Cyber Space – cyber security, networking/communication and infrastructure
Developer Philosophies – career advancement for developers, self-growth, developers as small business owners
Full-stack World – mobile technologies, web technologies etc
Landscape of Architecture – The current state of software architecture – learn from the experts how to design your software and apps

Want to hear more about Code and pick up your tickets? Click here.

Do you want to give a professional lecture or a lightening talk at Geektime Code Elevation? Click here.

Later in the week, a wide range of meet-ups will be held all over Israel on technological subjects and shared events of Israel’s leading technology companies and startups.

Do you want to organize an event as part of the Techfest week? Click here.

Meet the faces of the technology community

Israel’s largest developers’ conference is being held as part of the Geektime Techfest, the Israel technology festival. Following the full feedback from last year’s visitors, we decided this year to move the festival to early June, so that we’ll be able to enjoy better weather and a broader range of events. Now that everything is settled, it is time to invite you to leave your computers and your offices, and meet in person the big investors and the veteran, new, and promising companies. See for yourself the faces of the 2017 technology community.

This year, the festival is taking place in the second week in June (June 4-8, 2017). Like last year, it will have various conferences, exhibitions, meet-ups, hackathons, professional workshops, and more – a huge variety of technology events that will interest anyone who works and lives in the industry.

All the particulars will be provided later. Meanwhile, reserve the dates, so that you will not miss the largest technological festival of the year.

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