The 5 most unusual cannabis products you’ve heard of this week
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CannaCloud Vaporizor Photo Credit: CannaKorp

A whole industry of innovative products is sprouting up around cannabis. These are some of the most popular items that you should know about

There is still plenty of time to invest in cannabis, with profits in some states of the United States making a profit equivalent to some small countries. Recreational cannabis use is now legal in 7 states, with medical marijuana programs legal or pending in 31 states. This is to say nothing of international attitudes shifting on cannabis (including in Israel with the export law widely expected to pass).

Innovation continues in the industry today. But it’s easy for a startup to get lost in the numerous cannabis-themed consulting and delivery companies emerging. Here are five companies creating products in a startup scene full of delivery services and dispensary locators. It still pays to think outside the blunt.

The MagicButter Machine

Cannabis-infused butter (or CannaButter) is notoriously difficult to make. The crockpot-like MagicButter machine simplifies the process and makes it much more approachable for those new to cannabis or edibles. It can also be used to create non-medicated foods, enhancing the value proposition for the $175 appliance.

For those not accustomed to edibles, the machine purports to also make infused oils and tinctures. The Australian-based startup behind it started out bootstrapping. Since then, they’ve become more known in the public eye for their feel-good marketing (like sponsoring edibles competitions!).

Stink Sacks

A rich aspect of the cannabis rush has been all the newfound inventions and accessories around cannabis legalization. The need to comply with regional laws creates immediate needs for packaging and childproof containers for cannabis products.

Stink Sacks emerged out of an increasing need to shield cannabis odors as more major cities became legalized, as well as the need to comply with laws requiring cannabis containers be childproof. Stinks Sacks rose to the occasion by bootstrapping and then receiving initial funding from the ArcView Group.

The Evoke Vape

Smoking not your style? The Evoke Vape may just be the thing for you—precisely because it’s so different from the other cannabis vaporizers that were on the market pre-legalization.

This unusually chunky, user-friendly vape was funded via Indiegogo many times its initial goal. Using induction heating systems (as opposed to conduction or convection) this vape purports a smoother and more even method of heating cannabis. Despite suspicions from the community, it delivered on the promise to work with herb, concentrates, and e-liquid. If you don’t mind the bugle-like appearance, this may be one of the most beginner-friendly vapes on the market.

CannaCloud Vaporizer

Dubbed several times as the “Keurig of weed,” this vaporizer would process cannabis via pre-packed pods. Like the MagicButter Machine and the Evoke Vape, this product was invented with an eye for minimizing and streamlining the process of a classic cannabis activity. In this case, desktop vaporizers were given a more customer-friendly makeover.

Founding company CannaKorp claims that the pods would be lab-tested for consistency. In April 2016, CannaKorp announced that they had completed seed funding and the product would be distributed in 2017. And yes, someone from Keurig came on board to help.

Plus Gum

Photo Credit: Plus Gum

The word of edibles can be varied and muddied. everyone wants to bake the next pot brownie. But Jake Heimark, formerly of Facebook, decided to create a cannabis edibles company with an unusual product: Chewing gum.

Why gum? It directed addressed two major complaints about edibles: Higher calorie count and slow release time of effects. At last report, the company was in the middle of securing seed funding.

Is there a product that we missed and should have made the list? Let us know in the comments. Know someone who loves hearing about the lastest news in ganjapreneurship? Share this article with them!

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