Israeli hybrid cloud startup Stratoscale acquires Tesora for DBaaS solution
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Stratoscale team Photo Credit: Geektime

Moving to the AWS cloud just got a little bit easier for Redis, Oracle, or MySQL users

Herzilya-based cloud solutions startup Stratoscale announced today their acquisition of Tesora, a leading database as a service facilitation provider run out of Cambridge and Toronto.

Founded in February 2013, Stratoscale works with clients to construct a hybrid strategy of integrating their existing applications and workflow onto the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with a tailored approach.

The company has raised nearly $70 million in funding to date, with their Series C round in March of last year bringing in $27 million. They list clients like WD and Cisco’s WebEx as well as others across a variety of verticals.

The trials and tribulations of moving to the cloud

On the face of it, making the leap to the cloud can feel like a matter of performing a basic copy and paste. However, as Stratoscale’s VP of Marketing Uzi Krieger explains, it can be a bit more complicated. “Not everything was built to run in the cloud,” he tells Geektime, noting that various apps that were designed to run through on-prem environments cannot be simply lifted onto an entirely different infrastructure like AWS or other leading cloud services.

But the winds of the industry are blowing towards the cloud, and technical teams have to play catch up to the marching orders.

Image Credit: Stratoscale

The advantages of integration are fairly clear, especially when it comes to services that are now available through the cloud. Whereas previously a company would have to buy the servers, set up their infrastructure, and maintain the whole costly operation, AWS and others allow them to simply rent space and services with far more flexibility according to their needs.

On the flip side, making all of the blocks fit together for a smooth integration and migration can take years and be very expensive if a company decides to do it all on their own. For certain verticals like various financial institutions, regulations keep them from utilizing a public cloud.

This is where Stratoscale can step in, creating an on-premises AWS hybrid cloud. Krieger explains that the company’s own software can be installed on any physical hardware, servers, network gear, etc, without the need for any additional software, and get a fully operative cloud that gives them an AWS region on prem.

“This enables customers to run all of their apps and services in the cloud mode with the benefits, and allows them to move between their on-prem cloud and AWS,” he says.

Once a company has made their entrance onto the cloud, they can take advantage of great services like cloud databases from big names like Oracle and Redis.

In order to access these databases through the hybrid cloud, clients need a platform like the one offered by Tesora. Co-founded in 2010 by CEO Ken Rugg and CTO Amrith Kumar, Tesora essentially supplies the grease that grants their customers smooth access to cloud DBaaS. They have been backed by General Catalyst, rho Canada Ventures, Red Hat, Converge Venture Partners, Point Judith Capital, and Launch Capital.

Their solution works with 17 different cloud databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, Couchbase, MariaDB, Percona, PostgresSQL and DB2 Express.

Stratoscale Ariel Maislos CEO. Photo Credit: Geektime

“Tesora is the leading provider of DaaBs, which is independent of the cloud vendors and supports many databases,” Stratoscale’s CEO Ariel Maislos tells Geektime that, “We are trying to build a better product for our customers and databases are very important for our customers. The Tesora acquisition we are able to accelerate delivery of database functions for our customers.”

While Stratoscale has not released the sale price of their latest acquisition, Maislos tells Geektime that they will be bringing on 20 members of the Tesora team into their company as their continue to build out their offering. Moving forward, he says that he sees the expansion of services that are available to their customers as an essential element of their value.

“We are building a private cloud technology that allows you to create a mini amazon region in any data center. Our focus is on adding more services to the platform to make it more comprehensive and powerful. You are going to see more announcements in the next month about more capabilities that we are introducing.”

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