Musk tweets he will start tunneling under SpaceX’s Los Angeles HQ within month for new mystery project


Elon Musk says progress is being made on a characteristically mysterious project to dig a giant freaking tunnel underneath SpaceX headquarters, saying work will begin in about a month.

Hopefully Google doesn’t penalize us for a lack of detail, but that’s really the jist of it. What he is planning is somewhat of an enigma outside of being a new solution to traffic in the Los Angeles area. It likely has nothing to do with any other major projects like Hyperloop, in which Musk no longer has financial interests. Nor is it likely it’s connected to the new football stadium in Irvine, though it might be a place for the Chargers’ management to crawl and hide after their abysmal announcement about moving to LA and subsequent PR disaster a couple weeks ago.

This was a follow-up tweet on his original pair of spontaneous tweets back in December, ostensibly because he was sick of traffic in southern California. He stated back then that he was “serious,” as well as going so far as to alter his short Twitter bio to read “Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels & OpenAI.”

Of course you can also take what he is saying with a grain of salt, because even celebrity entrepreneurs are entitled to their share of sarcasm. But speculation is rife that he could do an end-run around infrastructure bureaucracy and build an extra road with new kinds of mining equipment  . . . or something. And no, this likely is nowhere close to being a reference to Hyperloop,

Some might speculate he wants to have a clean walk (or drive, or rocket, who knows?) to LAX Los Angeles International Airport. SpaceX’s headquarters are in Hawthorne, California, a town that sits next to LAX.

What do you think the Elon is planning?



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