MobileODT gets FDA approval for phone-based cervical cancer detection system


Israeli startup MobileODT has won FDA approval for its phone-based cervical cancer screening application, the company announced this week. The approval clears the way for the small company to finally start selling its technology in the United States.

Traditional colposcopes magnify the cervix and are used during cervical cancer screenings. Operating on the premise these devices are too expensive to use abundantly or to reach enough patients, MobileODT’s EVA app-device pairing (Enhanced Visual Assessment) incorporates computer vision techniques and can obviously be downloaded to a wider range of areas.

“The approval of the EVA System now enables colposcopists, rural health providers, and health providers in low resource settings across the country to benefit from the cost-effective, internet connected power of a robust video colposcope to serve every woman, everywhere,” wrote MobileODT CEO and Co-Founder Ariel Beery in a blog post.

The platform incorporates patient information, remote clinical supervision, and API access for electronic medical records providers.

Worldwide, there are several other startups tackling cervical cancer specifically, including Genentech, Bengaluru’s Alndra Systems, Austin-based Onko Solutions, and fellow Israeli Biop Medical which recently raised $2.25 million.

The American Cancer Society forecasts about 12,990 new cases of invasive cervical cancer will be identified in the US by the end of 2016, of which a third of them (4,120) will be fatal. MobileODT assumes its device will make a difference in rural areas of the US, which the company says disproportionately shoulders the burden of new cases.

The technology behind the potentially life-saving company won the Vodafone Americas Foundation 2014 Wireless Innovation Project (back when it was called MobileOCT) and the 2015 MedTech Innovator competition.

At around 10% of the cost of a traditional colposcope ($1,800 vs. $18,000),




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