OurCrowd expects 5,000 attendees from around the world at Jerusalem investor summit in February


Israeli equity crowdfunding firm OurCrowd announced Tuesday it would host its 2017 Global Investor Summit on Thursday, February 16 in Jerusalem.

“The goal of the summit is for the crowd to discover actionable investing ideas, hear from global industry leaders on how they’re driving their businesses and swap ideas with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs,” declared OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved in a statement.

Organizers predict 5,000 attendees at the upcoming gathering, the third OurCrowd has held. From the 60 countries they say will be represented, 30 of them will send full delegations. The 2016 event saw 3,000 attendees and awarded $50,000 in a pitch competition sponsored by Israel’s Bank Hapoalim.

The 2017 edition is being pushed as the “biggest equity crowdfunding event in the world,” though there aren’t really any competing events yet that may be sponsored by other emergent venture crowdfunding companies. It will be held at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, across from the soon to be completed Central Train Station in the capital. The event will also sponsor a Crowd Investing Hackathon.

OurCrowd's 2016 summit (courtesy)
OurCrowd’s 2016 summit (courtesy)

The theme of the event will be ‘The Future is Here,’ which may or may not be laying it on kind of thick. But that might be what many visiting Israel for the first time, especially would-be investors hoping to meet many of the country’s much-hyped entrepreneurs, are actually expecting.

Some of the portfolio companies OurCrowd is plugging include computer vision startup Zebra Medical Vision, shipping marketplace Freightos, biometrics company BioCatch, infrastructure startup mPrest, and medical marijuana inhaler producer Syqe Medical.

“The innovators and global industry leaders behind the tech can meet and interact with some of the biggest venture capital investors in the market and have the chance to pitch and test their cutting-edge ideas,” Medved added.

Implied by the name, the one-day event will make an effort to showcase how some of the technologies talked about over the last couple of years are already being applied by startups in Silicon Wadi (a nickname for Israel). That includes showcasing Jerusalem as its own exclusive startup economy, a city which was ranked among the top 30 cities by Compass in its 2015 global ecosystems report. According to Made in JLM, the city has more than 500 startups – as many as computing giant Helsinki – and has seen rapid growth in 2016.

To get an idea of the kind of sessions that they will schedule at the February confab, check out their panel on the future of mobility from 2016.


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