Israeli startup Singular raises $15 million to battle for marketing analytics supremacy


Singular announced a $15 million Series A investment round Thursday led by KDWC, Translink Capital, General Catalyst and Telstra Ventures. This brings their all-time haul to $20 million.

The company brags it has built the “only unified marketing analytics platform” that automates workflow, cost aggregation and attribution together with extreme attention to segmenting data. They also boast having no need to use an SDK for users to access the features of their platform.

“All of these data sets are disconnected and unmanageable,” Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv wrote in a press release, pointing to analytics and data coming from a number of new software platforms businesses are using from business intelligence (BI) to CRMs. “This results in marketers being unable to make effective decisions let alone calculate ROI across the whole marketing stack.”

“So, rather than building new disparate point solutions, we tackled this huge problem in a different way. We built a platform that can collect and connect with all point solution data points with a mind to unify it and therefore enable marketers to easily uncover ROI through to making actionable marketing decisions.”

The bulk of the cash will go toward — you guessed it — scaling, specifically international expansion. They claim over six billion installs with clients like Lyft, Twitter, and Zynga. It works with mobile and desktop data, processing info from over 600 “marketing integration partners” including Salesforce and Facebook according to the company’s announcement.

Estimates on the size of the marketing analytics industry vary, though Markets and Markets forecasts a value of $2.1 billion in 2019. There is immense competition virtually all from the startup world, drawing in significant amounts of attention from investors. Datorama raised $32 million in Series C in September. The previous year, Israeli/SF-based Leadspace raised an $18 million Series B while InsideView raised $32.5 million in private equity (post-Series D) in July of that same year.

Based in San Francisco, the company is Israeli in origin with offices also in Europe.

“Marketing leaders, across companies of all sizes, are facing unprecedented challenges and data overload,” Eliashiv added. “The next step for us is to enable marketers to do more with their data.”


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