Snapchat changes its name and launches video-capturing sunglasses


The Snapchat app, which “If you don’t have it, you don’t really exist” (at least among youngsters), is raising its sights by entering the field of wearable computing. Last weekend, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel unveiled the company’s first (and undoubtedly not its last) physical product, connected sunglasses with a built-in camera that can film video clips of up to 10 seconds. Needless to say, the video clips can be easily shared through your Snapchat feed using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Another way of sharing experiences

Snapchat’s glasses, called Spectacles, are connected, but they are not very smart. They have just one button which, when pressed, produces a video at a 115-degree angle. This lens is designed to facilitate filming video content that simulates the human eye by means of a circular format, rather than the rectangular or square one we have become used to. In order to keep friends from bothering you in the middle of filming, as soon as the glasses go into action, it will be signaled by the button being lit up, so that people know not to get into the frame.

Spectacles, which were revealed for the first time in a Wall Street Journal interview with the company founder, were officially confirmed last night by a post published on the company website. Snap Inc did not volunteer too much information about the specs for the glasses (perhaps because such information does not really exist yet at this stage), but did state that the glasses’ battery can document an entire day of snaps before having to be recharged. Apropos recharging, in order to save you the trouble of dragging around a special charger for the glasses, they come with a case that also serves as a portable charger. In addition, because sunglasses are above all a fashion item, they come in three different colors, so that everyone can choose their own style (basic black, orange, or light blue for the bold and the young).

The charging case Photo Credit: Snap
The charging case Photo Credit: Snap

The exact date for the glasses to hit the market is still unknown, because the company said only that it would be “soon.” In any case, distribution of Spectacles is expected to be in limited quantities, with a price tag of $130. A reasonable assumption is that if they do go on the market soon, they will top this year’s Christmas wish list for many young people.

Introducing Spectacles:


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