Finally: Raspberry Pi finally launches their starter kit


Many people have already heard about Raspberry Pi, the microcomputer that enables anyone to become a maker. The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the company behind the popular microcomputer, is now offering a starter kit that includes everything you need to begin working and learning about it.

Everything except for a screen

The new kit announced by the company contains the latest model of its computer, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, with a 64-bit processor and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Together with the card, you will also find the company’s official red-and-while case; a 2.5A electrical cable suitable for all areas; a one-meter HDMI cable; Raspberry Pi’s official mouse and keyboard; an 8-GB SD card with NOOBS, a program for rapid installation of Raspbian, the computer’s operating system; and the company’s instructional booklet, “Adventures in Raspberry Pi,” which explains how to install the computer, add accessories to it, and begin writing initial programs.

In the first stage, the kit will be marketed to the company’s official distributors in the UK, but it is expected to reach the rest of the world within weeks. The price in the UK is ₤99, or ₤120 including VAT – about NIS 600. This price is higher than the $35 price for just the microcomputer, but for beginners who want to connect their computer to an electrical socket and a screen and start working, it is not a bad option. In addition, as you can see in the pictures, the design is “Appleish,” which in our opinion makes the use of it even better.

Raspberry Pi celebrates 10 million devices

Raspberry Pi 3: Photo Credit: Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 3: Photo Credit: Raspberry Pi

The starter kit was launched on a special occasion for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is now celebrating the sale of its 10 millionth computer. This number appears especially impressive when you consider the fact that only 18 months ago, the number was five million computers sold. Since that time, the company has launched the Pi Zero computer costing only $5, which of course made Raspberry Pi’s sales figures jump. The company’s original target market was teenagers wanting to study the basics of programming and create gadgets, but the community of makers very quickly took it to their hearts.
ast year, Microsoft also adopted the enormous community of Raspberry Pi users by launching an IoT version of Windows 10.


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