Four apps to help you survive long flights


Long flights are challenging for most people. What can be done? How can we pass the time? Here are four apps that will try to help you through it in one, less groggy piece.

1. Four Letters – for competitive people

The goal in Four Letters is to create as many words as possible (in English) from a four-letter series, and to do it as fast as possible. The best thing (and also the worst thing) about the game is that it has no limits, unlike the various types of Candy Crush games, in which you are limited to five consecutive games, if you do not have enough gold, or you refrain from paying money for additional lives. This means that you can play the game indefinitely, trying each time to better your score.

My experience shows me that it is a great way of passing time. However, you have been warned: The game is super addictive if you are competitive and enjoy word games.

What we liked: It is a fine way to enrich your vocabulary.

Price: Free for Android and iOS, and $3.15 for a version without advertisements.

2. TED – download entire lectures to your device

Photo credit: TED
Photo credit: TED

There are quite a few engrossing and highly recommended lectures lasting an hour, and what is a more ideal time for watching them than during a flight? Our recommendation is therefore to pick out a number of lectures on your wish list before the flight that are as lengthy as possible, and simply download them to your device for viewing at a later time. That way, you will not have to rely on WiFi, which just does not exist on most flights and is very expensive.

What we liked: Instead of watching any television series or a “standard” movie, you just might get off the flight a wiser and more optimistic person.

Price: Free for Android and iOS.

3. Family Coloring Book – direct from your smartphone

Photo credit: Family Coloring Book
Photo credit: Family Coloring Book

We really do not have to convince you of the special qualities of coloring books, which among other things encourage creativity and a feeling of calm. Those same books are a wonderful attraction for passing time.

However, the problem is that they are usually heavy. To save you excess weight in the carry-on luggage for your flight, you can take the one product with you that never leaves you in any case – your smartphone – download one of the Colorfit apps (we selected one that is suitable for the entire family), and pass the time pleasantly. Of course, it is not the same experience as you get with a physical coloring book, in which your fingers look like you came straight back from kindergarten, but you can still be sure to feel more tranquil.

What we liked: If it does not turn out well, you can always start over.

Price: Free for Android.

4. White Noise – fall asleep in silence

It does not matter how many games you play, how many lectures you watch in a row, or how many pages you finish coloring. In the end, we will still find ourselves bored to some degree.

The best solution for dealing with boredom on flights is unquestionably sleep. As if it were not enough that the seat is not the most comfortable in the world (unless you treated yourself to a first class or business class seat), you have to cope with the noise, talk, and baby crying in the seat behind you. What can you do about it?

If you cannot fall asleep with music or a podcast, let us introduce you to the White Noise app, which promises to help you get to sleep by soothing you and easing pressure. It also is able to make things easier for those of you who suffer from headaches and migraines on flights (or in general). The free version of the app contains 40 air sounds, or ambient music.

What we liked: Every style of music also includes an image to get you into the mood – the sea, a rainforest, and so forth. If you want to combine several styles into one, you can create a personalized mix of up to five simultaneous sounds. What we did not like was that in order to enjoy the soothing sounds, the app has to be open all the time (like YouTube), at least in the free version.

Price: Free for Android and iOS, and $1 if you want to listen to music and Candy Crush at the same time.


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