Kaspersky launches freeware protection against ransomware


Malware, specifically ransomware, which attacks computers and encrypts an organization’s critical data, is a serious matter. Not just affecting large enterprises and institutions like hospitals, many small businesses without the resources to handle these attacks are also finding themselves under threat.

According to an up-to-date survey by the Kaspersky Laboratory, 42% of small and medium-sized businesses were victimized by ransomware attacks over the past year. Of that number, 34% of them paid the ransom, and one in five were unable to retrieve their data even when they gave in to the criminals’ demands. In order to help businesses cope with these attacks, Kaspersky Laboratory has developed the Anti-Ransomeware Tool for Business – a freeware program offering supplementary protection for users against these attacks.

A complementary tool against ransomware

Kaspersky Laboratory’s new tool provides supplementary security for companies, even those that are not customers for its security solutions. The solution can provide an answer for one of the most difficult problems currently afflicting businesses. Ransomeware encrypts valuable files and makes it impossible to retrieve them, thereby forcing businesses to pay a ransom in order to regain their data.

The Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business integrates two key technologies. The first is Kaspersky’s security network, a cloud-based service designed to process non-personal cyber security data from millions of consensual participants from all over the world. This security network is intended to provide security intelligence on short notice, thereby guaranteeing rapid response times and maintaining a high level of protection.

The second technology is the System Watcher, a proactive security technology that scans all the important events in a system, including the creation and changing of operating system files and definitions, use of programs, and replacement of data in the network. The events are documented and analyzed, and if evidence is found that a program is carrying out a malicious action, these actions can be thwarted and canceled, while preventing further contagion.

As of now, the program is relevant only for Windows users.

To download the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business, click here.

Incidentally, if you fell victim to a ransomware attack, and your valuable data have been locked, you can check whether they can be retrieved on the website No More Ransom. This project provides users with tools for solving the encryption and retrieving the locked files.


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