Exit: Israeli cyber startup Fireblade sold to 1-year-old StackPath


Israeli cyber startup Fireblade has been sold to StackPath, a young company, for shares with an estimated value of $10-20 million. The Israeli firm is joining two other companies acquired by the young American startup, which was founded only last year.

Protection of websites through identification of behavior patterns

Fireblade is developing technology for securing websites against attacks by hackers and denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The technology is based on identification of suspicious patterns of behavior.

Founded in 2008 under the name SiteBlackBox by CTO Erez Azaria and CEO Shay Rapaport, Fireblade has since raised $5.1 million from investors such as the Time, Blue Ant Investments, KEC Ventures, SGVC, and Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund. The company’s customers include eBay, Cellar Tracker, DCH, and Israeli company Yad2.

StackPath, the acquiring company, is a young firm from Texas founded less than a year ago by chairperson and CEO Dr. Lance Crosby, a veteran entrepreneur who has already sold SoftLayer, another startup he founded, to IBM for $2 billion in 2013. Since launching StackPath, which is operating in stealth mode, has raised an impressive $180 million in a Series A round from ABRY Partners and private investors. After this financing round, StackPath acquired two companies – MaxCDN from Los Angeles, which is developing advanced CDN networks, and Cloack, a VPN company from Seattle – and now Fireblade.


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