An all-Israeli exit: iGO developer NNG acquires automotive cyber startup Arilou Technologies


NNG, the developer of the iGO navigational app, announced on Monday that it had acquired a controlling interest in Arilou Technologies, which provides cyber protection for vehicles. The deal, whose amount was undisclosed, is based on the acquisition of shares from existing shareholders and an injection of capital into the company. Arilou will continue its business as before, led by its current management: Co-founders CTO Gil Litichever and CEO Ziv Levi.

The acquired company is developing systems that provide protection against cyber attacks on computerized auto systems. Arilou’s technology is designed to prevent a remote takeover of the car’s computerized systems (multimedia and locking systems, for example) that could enable a burglar to open the car’s locks, turn off the motor, and even disconnect the brakes.

Smart, but dangerous

Smart cars connected to the internet are unquestionably the wave of the future. But as soon as they are connected, they become exposed to hacker attacks.

In contrast to break-ins in which passwords are stolen, which are liable to end in invasions of privacy and loss of money, break-ins into smart cars are liable to have much more serious consequences. Arilou wants to relieve drivers of these worries by producing a defense system that will enable drivers to be both connected to the internet and protected.

NNG, currently regarded as one of the best-known navigational companies in the global auto market, was founded in 2004 by President David Wiernik and Chairperson Jacob (Kobi) Halperin. The company develops vehicle navigation and multimedia systems. NNG’s software, which facilitates navigation on a 3D platform, even without an internet connection, is included in the media system of many auto manufacturers.

Commenting on the acquisition, Wiernik said, “In view of the rapid increase in the company’s revenue and profits, and in accordance with NNG’s strategy of expanding into other spheres of activity, the investment in Arilou is natural, and a direct continuation of our 2014 acquisition of American company Nfusion, which specializes in human-machine interfaces. This acquisition reflects NNG’s vision of providing auto manufacturers and drivers with a broad set of services and tools that make NNG’s car multimedia system the most advanced product in the market, and provides solutions for a range of challenges and problems encountered by auto manufacturers and drivers.” 


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