This might be the closest thing to a lightsaber yet – Star Wars fun and other great crowdfunding finds trending this week


GeekStarter – Our favorite projects of the week

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the world’s biggest and most popular crowdfunding platforms. They provide a stage for many projects, both in the technology sector and outside it, and enable those projects to raise money for development and production with the public’s help.

In the Geekstarter column, we present each week a number of cool projects from Kickstarter and Indiegogo from the technology and gadgets sector, so that you can keep track of the hot products on the verge of conquering the world.

The Basslet – A wearable subwoofer

Have you ever gone to a club or a concert and heard a song, and wanted to recreate that moment the next day by hearing the same song on your home sound system – but it just isn’t the same? Well, the main culprit is the bass, or rather the lack thereof. The Basslet is a band that purports to be a wearable subwoofer that will reproduce the deep bass feeling on your arm – in real time. In order to do this, the engineers responsible for the band have developed technology that reproduces the bass notes from the music that you hear in a broad frequency range, 250 Hz to 10 Hz, and uses internal drivers that generate the familiar bass effect. In order to enjoy the effect, there is no need to install specific software. They say that a single one-hour charge is enough for six hours of music.

Unit price: It started at €99, but that early bird special along with the €129 long gone after only two days. Thankfully there are still spots open for the €139 offer.
Projected delivery date: December 2016
Has the target been achieved? The target for the project was €50,000; as of now, about €155,856 has been raised, with 28 days left in the campaign, so that’s a solid yes.

Click for the project page

Classon – A smart helmet for bicycle riders

The developers responsible for Classon are obviously cyclists themselves, because they have managed to compress into this helmet quite a few features to warm the hearts of riders, especially those in a more urban setting. First of all, both the front and rear of the helmet contain miniature cameras that constantly scan the surroundings. When they distinguish cars, pedestrians, or nearby objects, they activate warning lights placed above your eyes. Navigating with the helmet has also become simple and easy. Just feed your destination into your smartphone, and all the navigational instructions appear in the form of lights on the helmet signaling you where to turn. When you make a turn, every time you raise your hand in order to signal that you are going to turn, the front camera detects what you are doing, and activates prominent signal lights on the back of the helmet to alert drivers around you. In addition, as soon as you slow down or stop, the helmet automatically activates red brake lights. Since you already have a camera in the helmet, you can of course document the road which can come in handy in case of an accident, and even broadcast your ride live to your friends. The helmet is designed to fit into your bicycle lock.

Unit price: The only options left are the early bird specials starting at $149, with all the cheaper packages having been snapped up. Get there quick before those are gone too.
Projected delivery date: April 2017
Has the target been achieved? The target for the project was $30,000; as of now, they have already topped $44,881 raised, with another 25 days left in the campaign.

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SpectraSaber is the lightsaber you’ve been waiting for

A car that drives itself? Artificial intelligence? Landing on Mars? Those things are nice, but give us a real lightsaber if you want to see some real enthusiasm. Until that day, we’ll have to settle for some high quality make-believe lightsaber action.

The SpectraSaber is a lightsaber with all the effects you could want. When you press the start button, the light comes up gradually and constantly darts around, just like the real thing if there was a real thing. Every movement you make will be accompanied by corresponding sound effects, and when you engage in a duel – which you surely will at some point – every time the “beams” touch each other, there will be a matching sound. Best of all, you can choose and change the color of the sword just by pressing a button.

Unit price: $395 and up
Projected delivery date: December 2016
Has the target been achieved? The target for the project was $10,000. So far they have edged past that goal to reach $11,443 raised, with 23 days left in the campaign.

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