Alibaba former exec joins seed funding round in Israeli recruitment platform Comeet


Israeli startup Comeet, which helps growing companies and human resources departments hire employees in the easiest manner, has announced the completion of its seed financing round, in which $1.2 million was raised. The investors who participated in the round included former Alibaba Group Global Operations VP of Human Resources David Cao, IQTalent Partners President and former Yahoo! Executive VP and Chief Human Resources Officer David Windley, and Yahoo! CFO Ken Goldman. The company will use the capital raised mainly to accelerate its sales.

The idea behind Comeet is to simplify the process of recruiting employees and enable all those involved (the recruiter, the interviewer, the manager, etc.) to take part in it. The company asserts that the technology it has developed is capable of cutting the time it takes to hire new employees by up to 80 percent.

A collaborative recruitment platform

CEO Omer Tadjer, CPO Tomer Dikerman, and CTO Omer Gottlieb founded Comeet in 2013 for the purpose of developing a collaborative tool relevant to the period in which we are living, and that would help companies find and hire new employees. The product it has developed can save resources (and time) wasted on interviewing candidates who are not necessarily worth this investment.

Comeet offers a solution focused on hiring managers and their employees using a tool that makes the process simpler and quicker for the interviewers, and also constitutes a third party tool through which companies are able to find the candidates relevant to them. Since its product was officially launched, Comeet has become one of the most prominent platforms on the market, and it now serves more than 100 companies, including Playbuzz and Playtika, in over 20 countries. Over 2,500 employees have been hired from 500,000 candidates using its product.

“The new financing highlights the attractiveness of our hiring platform, with its outstanding engagement capability, and brings us closer to our vision of helping companies everywhere meet the challenge of finding the right people quickly. For this purpose, we’re creating cooperative efforts with leading international brands in order to present and adapt Comeet to their networks,” Tadjer says.

Dikerman also commented on the financing round, saying that the company was completely committed to continue changing the way companies add to their staff. “With the platform we’ve developed, engagement isn’t just a key word; it’s a reality for companies like Clicktale, where more than 55 of their 210 employees use our system in order to take part and actively participate in the process of searching for the best talents,” he notes.    


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