Smart glove startup out of Munich nabs $2.2 million investment from Intel


Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on this? ProGlove, the makers of a patented IoT-controlling ‘smart glove,’ scored $2.2 million in a Series A funding round over the weekend led by Intel Capital and with Bayern Kapital and GETTYLAB participating. The news also puts to rest rumors Intel was looking to unload its venture capital portfolio.

The glove is designed as a safety device with embedded sensors and scanners to aid manufacturing and logistics workers. Interestingly, the glove also feeds back information to increase worker safety, hone in on more ergonomic solutions and provide business intelligence to managers.

“Intel Capital has immense expertise in technology development. And because a huge part of the automotive industry, our core costumer, is based in southern Germany, it was logical to partner with Munich-based Bayern Kapital,” said ProGlove founder and CEO Thomas Kirchner.

The concept came about as part of the Intel “Make It Wearable” Challenge back in 2014. That prototype led to the incorporation of ProGlove as a company.

There are a number of ergonomic models for wristbands, gloves and ankle braces, but seemingly next to none which feed back data to managers or are specifically designed for manufacturers.

“ProGlove closely meets Internet of Things’ performance requirements which are playing an increasingly vital role in various production processes,” Georg Ried, Managing Director at Bayern Kapital, remarked in a press release. “We see great prospects for ProGlove in a promising market segment.”

The glove uses motion-tracking to ensure compliance with required steps in industrial processes, records vitals and even automates SKU scanning for inventory.

The glove is based on Intel’s wearables development module Edison and has been built by a number of people with work histories at BMW. That background has likely helped build their working connections to German automotive companies trying to ride the IoT and smart tech wave as it streams through development of smart and autonomous cars.

Besides Kirchner, founders include Alexander Grots, CTO Jonas Girardet and Product Engineer Paul Günther.


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