9 features stock Android is sorely missing


There are countless reasons that we love the stock version of Android, otherwise known as Google’s clean Android. Its simplistic interface, for example, comes without the way-too-flashy designs and unnecessary pre-installed applications that phone manufacturers throw in, and is faster and enjoys Google support. The constant software updates let you enjoy the newest Android version, bug fixes are quickly released and a new security update is provided on a monthly basis.

Despite all of this, stock Android fans sometimes turn green with envy when they see the additional features that Galaxy, LG, HTC, and Huawei users have with their unique interfaces. Here are a few.

1. Unlocking your Android with a single tap

LG and quite a few other manufacturers have made it possible to unlock your device with a single tap or by entering a pattern. Some phone manufacturers even allow you to unlock the device and run a specific app with a specific pattern.

2. Deeper customization

We know, the interface’s minimalism is what makes it so special, but a little customization never killed anyone: Themes, Icons, and a wider scope of display customization settings would make us a bunch of happy campers.

3. Restart option

Holding the power off button on most Android devices allows you to restart your device with ease. But on the stock Android? you could only turn off the device.

4. Split screen and multitasking

Samsung’s TouchWiz debuted this feature several years ago, and a few devices such as the LG and its QSlide have followed suit. We would love to have this feature on stock Android, which is similar to what Google’s own YouTube App is capable of already.

5. A Download accelerator

For example, Samsung devices have the Download Booster, a feature that allows your device to download large files faster by using both your Wi-Fi connection and your mobile data connection simultaneously.

6. Battery percentage display in the status bar

Yes, you can technically go through System UI Tuner, or Marshmallow’s display settings. But it will display the battery percentage inside the battery icon, which will be barely visible unless you have a full battery.

7. Bulk app shut down

This is a feature that will most likely arrive with the Android N but is sorely missed at the moment.

You can view the apps you used last, but still can’t just shut them all down with a click of a button like on any other device. Instead, you have to go through a Tinder-like swiping spree to shut them all down.

8. One-handed mode

Several Nexus devices come with a large screen, such as the 6 or the 6P. A one-handed mode like in Huawei’s P9 will allow you to get to any application and type on your keyboard without having to stretch your fingers.

9. Manual camera mode

We don’t want any filters, stickers, a QR reader, or GIFs. Give us a manual camera mode like LG or Samsung’s so we can manually control the different camera settings and take better pictures.

What is the feature you miss the most on stock Androids? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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