Israeli embassy in Vietnam launches women-focused startup competition


Israel’s Vietnamese embassy is launching a new female-only startup competition called Startup Tel Aviv. It will have the sponsorship of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology.

The competition is actually international, accepting several entrants from each participating country. This is the second year Vietnam will take part and the first time it will focus exclusively on female entrepreneurs. The contest will not preclude companies who have male co-founders, but the chief requirement is that the official entrant be one of the female partners and that she be between the ages of 25 and 35.

The contest will take place during the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival in mid-September and involve startups from 30 different countries. To determine the Vietnamese entrant, the embassy will be joined by the co-sponsoring Ministry of Science and Technology as well as the Business Studies and Assistance Center (BSA) to put on a local qualifying competition.

Besides being female-led, startups must be in the seed stage, have a prototype for their product, and must be able to speak English (although applications are also available in Vietnamese). All applications are due May 25 and sent to [email protected] Applications include a video pitch in English and post-screening interviews with judges at the embassy in Hanoi. Getting to the embassy won’t be reimbursed, but the winner’s trip to Israel is fully subsidized.

Among the 39 or so other countries participating will be Germany, Spain, Finland, Norway, Italy, Korea, Japan, India, and Russia.

IsraeliVietnamese relations have greatly improved since the opening of Israel’s embassy there in 1994. Now, as Vietnam moves to modernize its economy with startup scenes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s ties with Jerusalem are poised to improve more as Israel expands its Eastern business ties. Vietnam has also forged an entrepreneur-focused relationship with the United States embassy, which launched its Ambassador’s Entrepreneurship Challenge in April, a competition funding regional winners to attend the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Startup Camps in Vietnam.

Featured image credit: Israel tại Việt Nam / Facebook


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