Gird your loins gentlemen (and ladies): 3 office weapons to establish order in the workplace
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The Airzooka is just one of the assault weapons that will put down resistance in your cubicle empire (screenshot, ThinkGeek via YouTube)

We’ve all heard of NERF, but here are three alternative weapons that are equally effective and decisive on the office battlefield

Prepare for battle. Your alliance of cubicles must overwhelm the marketing department, and you have the superior intellect and creativity to realize your ambitious conquests. Here are three weapons for your office arsenal that run under $50.

1. The Airzooka air gun

The following weapon might seem a little innocent but it’s probably one of the most annoying things in the world, and will make anyone in the office make you coffee in exchange for you to stay away from them.

The Airzooka is a friendly-fire weapon whose ammunition is actually compressed air that you can shoot towards any object, human, or if you’re especially merciless, dogs as well (dogs don’t like having hair dryers and vacuums in their faces, but then again, who does?). The compressed air ball will travel up to a distance of 19 feet before it dissipates, so you have enough time to run for cover when the situation calls for it.

Dogs yo

Price: $12.99

2. iLaunch Thunder – A rocket launcher

A rocket launcher doesn’t usually bring positive things to the mind, but this should.

The iLaunch Thunder is a rocket launcher controlled by iPhone app, iPad, or iPod application using Bluetooth. The launcher can rotate 270 degrees horizontally and its vertical flexibility is more than 40 degrees. With a shooting range of up to 23 feet, you can launch an ambush on your colleagues in open space or cubicles with ease and precision from distance. Everything sounds great, but what about the Android users?

Price: $49.99

3. The Marshmallow Bow and Mallow

Not only is the Marshmallow Fun’s weapon user-friendly, its bow and arrows are, listen carefully, mini marshmallows. Say what? Yeah, I know. They have a ranger of up to 30 feet (20 marshmallow bullets overall). Who said you can’t play with food? If it’s the stickiness you’re worried about, you’d be happy to know that the weapon is dishwasher-safe. In case marshmallow isn’t your thing, you can arm the bow with foam bullets that are also included in the package.

Stay Puft

Price: $24.95

4. And a bonus: the NERF Nuke

Sadly, this is still just a fantasy, but with the right crowdfunding campaign we might be graced with this almighty weapon.

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