Geekstarter: a robotic eye masseuse, a doggy toy that throws treats and adaptive brakes


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the world’s largest, most popular crowdfunding platforms putting many projects front and center for would-be users who can invest in a product’s development and manufacturing. As part of our Geekstarter corner, we’ll present several cool crowdfunding projects relating to the world of technology and gadgets, so you can glimpse into the next likely wave of consumer technology trends.

1. Aurai: hot water massage for your eyes

Staring at computer screens for long hours, distracted by bright chat and browser windows and our collective untreated addiction for social media updates have devastating effects on on our eyes. Blurred vision, irritation and dry eyes are just a trio of lighter effects on our sight.

That’s where Aurai comes in.

Out of Taiwan, Aurai is a new massage device utilizing warm and cold-water eye compresses. Cold compresses are supposed to regulateblood flow and relieve symptoms such as puffy eyes, black bags, and irritation – even in cases of allergies and inflammation. The warm compresses are designed help stimulate the skin around the eyes, prevent accumulation of fat and drying of the tear ducts, and that way also help in improve sleep quality.

Price per unit: US $129
ETA: September 2016
Goal: The project goal was originally $50,000, but they have more than quadrupled that having raised more than $214,000, with 33 more days to go until the end of the project.

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2. Furbo: the camera that throws snacks to your dog

Many dog owners see their dog as an integral part of the family. Now, we wouldn’t want to be judgmental or anything, but would you leave a family member closed-up in the house all day long? Furbo keeps your dog amused while you are away, helping soothe your guilty conscience. Furbo is based on a camera that lets you watch your dog at any moment, hear him and even speak to him via your mobile phone and a built-in speaker.

There have been a few devices like this, but what sets Furbo apart is its built-in snack compartment that allows you, with a single swipe of your smartphone, to launch snacks across the room and watch your dog run around trying to catch them.

Price per unit: US $189
ETA: July 2016
Goal: The project goal was $50,000, but they have tripled that with $149,000 so far from 1,350 backers with still 25 days to go.

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3. Braking Bar: upgrade your brake lights

Braking Bar is a brake lights system using Adaptive Brake Light technology, which is easy to self-assemble by anyone, and also includes a sensor for braking intensity, as well as the special lights, of course. The system is powered by a battery purported to last that suffices for 2.5 years. of driving.

Adaptive brake tech uses sensors that measure the degree of pressure applied to brakes and sense sudden braking, activating special blinking tail lights. Various manufacturers have already started integrating this technology into their cars, but due to its relatively high cost, it hasn’t reached all cars yet.

Price per unit: $119
ETA: May 2017
Goal: Their ultimate goal is $100,000, but they so far only have $7,722 in the bank with a month to go.

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