WakingApp is building a one-stop shop platform for VR and AR content creation
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Creating scenes on the platform. Image Credit: WakingApp PR

Creating scenes on the platform. Image Credit: WakingApp PR

WakingApp has released ENTiTi, their free cloud-based composition platform for creating fresh, user-generated content

Virtual reality has been one of the most anticipated technologies of the past two years. Ever since Facebook scooped up Palmer Luckey’s Oculus for $2 billion, the race has been on between all the biggest names in gaming and tech to build the winning devices.

With companies like Magic Leap raising record breaking funding rounds for their yet to be announced addition to the scene, augmented reality is not far behind the VR craze.

Beyond the games that are sure to dominate the space during the first generation, there is a hunger for a wider range of content and not just from professional sources.

In hopes of answering this call for innovative ways to enable user generated content, WakingApp has released ENTiTi, their free cloud-based composition platform of intuitive tools for creating fresh content. Through the platform, users can upload images and video, develop scenes, put into place the necessary logic elements to direct the action, and utilize a variety of other features to help build the experience.

WakingApp’s Founder and President Alon Melchner tells Geektime that his company wanted to make this platform as accessible as possible, and have removed any need for coding, releasing a system that is entirely drag and drop.

Melchner says that they want everyone to be able to create content, so they looked for a way to eliminate barriers to entry like cost, time, and skill for developing content. He explains that they offer users a full set of documentation and tutorials to teach them about the software, adding that it is possible to become proficient with it within days.

The platform pushes the content to the cloud, allowing users to view the deep 3D environments online. Once content is created, the system will fit it to all the supported devices, eliminating the need to make adjustments for different devices like mobile or tablets.

Experiences built on the ENTiTi platform can then be viewed using WakingApp’s ENTiTi viewing apps, which can be downloaded onto users’ iOS or Android devices.

Leading the future of VR/AR

Melchner believes that the content will be what drives the VR/AR technology forward. He explains that one of the key problems [among others] with Google Glass was that it lacked content.

ENTiTi platform Image Credit: WakingApp PR

ENTiTi platform. Image Credit: WakingApp PR

Beyond the artists and other creatives, Melchner sees an opportunity for businesses to get in the game, intimating that he is open to offering support to entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on their product. He sees this tech being used for everything from advertising and marketing to changing the experience of walking through the grocery store.

He thinks that encouraging more people to create content will be very important for nurturing the sector. “Once you remove barriers to create, they can get into it,” Melchner says, explaining why he wants to get his platform out there for free. He notes that they may introduce a subscription fee to the service at some point down the road, but even that is uncertain since their primary goal is to build up a stronger VR/AR ecosystem.

A virtual tour Image Credit: WakingApp PR

A virtual tour. Image Credit: WakingApp PR

They are now talking to educational institutes to bring their solution to the younger generation of prospective developers. He says that in 12 meetings or a semester, students can create numerous projects and get a hang on it.

Founded in 2013, WakingApp is located in Rosh Haayin outside of Tel Aviv. They recently raised new capital from Chinese Youzu Interactive, pulling in $4.3 million for their Series C in November.

The rise of WordPress and to a greater extent Wix have made it a significantly easier process for less-than-technically-skilled users to put themselves out there with platforms that allow them to build websites highlighting their own content, whether it be blogs, photography, art, or any other form of expression.

In more recent years, small businesses have taken advantage of these platforms to step into the digital age and establish their presence online with stunning sites that improve their customer’s experience.

The WakingApp team understands that their platform will not be the way forward in terms of professional design teams, but instead have set their sights on creating an easy-to-learn method of generating content that I believe can help bring more people into VR and AR generation.

By essentially building a “Wix for VR/AR”, WakingApp’s ENTiTi products can help to demystify the technology and inspire new people to get involved. Whether it is instructing kids who want to build their own VR experiences, an e-commerce business to think about including a VR showroom, or a variety of other uses, WakingApp is making the world of VR/AR far more accessible.

Featured Image Credit: WakingApp PR

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