YouAppi scores $13M to push its customer acquisition tech in Asia


American startup YouAppi is destined for big things after raising $13.1 million in a Series B funding round. The machine learning customer acquisition company nearly quadrupled its investments as it plans a global expansion.

“Despite being in a competitive market, closing a B round which increases the investment by more than 300% from our last round, is proof of the efficacy of YouAppi’s technology and team, which is enabling 450 leading global advertisers to secure profitable users around the world,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co-Founder of YouAppi. “The funding will be used to accelerate growth in China, Japan and other growth markets.” That would add to their teams in the U.K., India, Israel, Singapore and Germany.

The company’s flagship product, OneRun Platform gives analytics on key performance indicators (KPI). They have run 15,000 campaigns and handled 100 billion impressions per month.

It’s an impressive amount of growth for a company born only in 2012. New ivestments came in from Digital Future, Emery Capital, Altair Capital, Hawk Ventures, Click Ventures and Global Brain. Their existing investors are 2B Angels, Glilot Capital Partners and Flint Capital.

Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, is among their big name clients. Other Asian clientele are UC Union (Alibaba Mobile Business Group), Sungy Mobile, Apus, NewBornTown, Kika and Bandai Namco. A press release claims its major American customers include the New York Times, Pandora, EA, Orbitz, Zynga, Yandex, Wayfair, and Viber.

“What really impressed me about YouAppi’s technology is the ability to hit the ground running and deliver strong user acquisition numbers for native Chinese apps at or below the price point set by the app’s marketing team,” said Jin Shanghao, Venture Partner at Hawk Ventures. “Most foreign companies have a steep learning curve in China, but YouAppi succeeded immediately upon launching their first few native Chinese apps.”

YouAppi was co-founded by CEO Moshe Vaknin and CTO Ofer Garnett.


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