Routier reels in $2 million for its user engagement tool


The final of week of the year doesn’t often carry with it major funding news, but for one company offering help improving front-channel communications with customers, this frosty time of the year is shining green. Business-to-consumer (B2C) user engagement company Routier announced a $2 million investment on Monday morning from Israeli ventures company PerITech, closing out their first calendar year with financing toward expansion.

Routier provides an in-browser B2C tool to open up communication with customers, or “geo fenced communication” in their terms. By extension, it also offers branded Wi-Fi, real-time surveys and the token advanced analytics based on real-time browsing activity by customers.

Their system might be familiar to some people. A small chat window can be opened in the bottom corner of a screen, which can be branded with a given company’s logo. The chats offer anything from customer support to feedback.

The tech provides new monetization opportunities for companies based on the data it collects, says Routier’s press release, plus provides a range of services aimed at improving communication with a better understanding of their customers. Their software displays on desktop and mobile, both on Android and iOS.

CEO Gal Bareket told Geektime that the funds will be put toward expanding their team and marketing efforts in the U.S. and Europe. In response to questions about the threat of adblockers on their software, Bareket said that they don’t have any impact on their solution.

This is the first investment by PerITech, a new investment company with a venture capital focus under the umbrella of the Eldad Peri Holdings Group. The company was established last November by Yair Cohen, a former Brigadier General of the IDF’s 8200 intelligence unit.

“We chose [Routier] as our first investment, a company with state-of-the-art technology led by a quality group of innovators,” Yair Cohen said in an official statement.

Eldad Peri established his own law firm in 2004 before expanding with a group of companies that includes Peri International, IDM International, Peri Real Estate and Peri Constructions, in addition to the new ventures arm. They are also an official sponsor of the 2016 Israeli Olympic team and a special charity for underprivileged Ethiopian Israeli athletes.

Routier is led by CEO Gal Bareket, CTO Niv Penso, and “Tech Guru” Guy Laybovitz. The company maintains offices in Tel Aviv and Berlin.


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