Photo Credit: Vizmato

Photo Credit: Vizmato

Indian Vizmato relaunches video editing app from Israel

This app makes editing videos fun and easy, brought to you by the makers of Camera Plus

It’s been said that the best kind of camera is the one you have on you. The ubiquity of the iPhone has made it possible for anyone to capture great videos and create lasting memories. Vizmato wants to let users take those videos and add their special touch for editing fun videos.

Vizmato was launched on Thursday by its designer, the India-based Global Delight, while on a trip in Israel. The app is the new incarnation of Game Your Video, the company’s popular video editor that they are now retiring.

Global Delight should ring bells for many iPhone users with one of their earlier creations Camera Plus, which became the default camera for much of the market. With any luck, they will find a repeat of Camera Plus’ 26 million downloads in their latest video offering.

Sorry Android people, this app is for iOS only.

Adding your own style

The app allows users to start filming right away, all while adding in fun elements to personalize the videos. While the jittery frame and other optical tricks were playful additions to the videos, kind of like the first time playing with Photo Booth on Mac, they have done a great job implementing the themes and filters that can be applied immediately into the live filming.

The (Charlie) Chaplin and 8mm themes gave great texture to the video, giving the feel of a much higher production value than might otherwise be expected off a mobile app.

Included in the app are tracks that can be added for background music, letting users spice up their videos.

The app is free to download on iOS devices and comes with a range of in app purchases for extra elements. Users looking for a little more can sign up for a subscription that includes all of the added features plus extra cloud storage for $4.99 a month.

The company says that they have an active base of 300,000 users a month. To help energize their users, they have built a social network that they are calling Popular. After a user films and edits their video, they can quickly upload it to Popular where others can view it, adding comments or liking it.

Videos can also be shared via other social media for even wider distribution.

From Udupi to Atlanta to Israel: The global business network

The story of Global Delight’s path to launching Vizmato is an interesting example of how technology is such a global endeavor.

The company’s president Jason Foodman lives in Atlanta and has been involved in the tech industry for many years. In his last position as the founder of the e-commerce platform FastSpring, he worked with Global Delight as one of his many clients in India, identifying them as a strong player in the mobile market.

For their part, the team in India had already built a reputation as the creators of great apps. But according to Marketing Manager Prapti Mishra, they had not yet reached their potential for global reach. Through their client-based relationship, the two sides grew to know each other and recognized the potential for growth, a situation that led Foodman to sell FastSpring and join Global Delight as its president.

The result has been a very successful marriage, with Foodman’s global business experience helping the company’s talent shine through and reach out across the globe.

When it came time to launch their latest product, the Global Delight team turned to Israel as the ideal place to announce it to the world. Foodman told Geektime that the Startup Nation offered an impressive range of services for marketing their product, leading them to issue their announcement there.

My take

Overall, Vizmato should get high marks for their latest creation. The app had an impressive response rate to adding elements, quickly churning out minutes-long video into completed clips in under a minute. Also, the controls are generally intuitive, making it easy to start.

There were instances where it took some time to figure out how to edit text on a video, but we figured out our mistake and it worked like a charm. Users can access a set of tutorial videos for learning extra tips and tricks from the website or from their YouTube.

Vizmato should appeal to a variety of different users, ranging from tweens looking to make fun videos with friends, to the person in charge of making the video for a friend’s wedding, to small businesses who need a quick and easy way to create their marketing materials on the fly.

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