8 startups from Australia that you should know about
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Left: Danny Adams from GoFar, one of Australia's fastest rising startups

Left: Danny Adams from GoFar, one of Australia's fastest rising startups

These Australian startups are doing truly unique and innovative work

Having worked in Seoul-tech for quite some time, I recently came back to Australia and witnessed some innovations that caught my eye. In comparison to Seoul-tech, which has recently become e-commerce and adtech focused, Australian startups are offering everything from biotech to software, hardware, recruitment services, and even magazines.

I have chosen a list of startups that I believe to be doing something completely new and innovative. Each of them has their own successful and unique story.

1. Curalabs

CuraLabs. Photo Credit: CuraLabs

Curalabs. Photo Credit: Curalabs

Curalabs designs and develops peptide vaccines and has developed a cure for arthritis. Their first patented vaccine will treat a short list of related problems: reactive arthritis, juvenile arthritis, uveitis, Crohn’s disease and Behcet’s Disease.

This invention is being developed by Dr. Helder Marcal, who was a finalist for UNSW’s Inventor of the Year in 2010, and Prof. Denis Wakefield, who has received the Order of Australia medal. Dr. Marcal has been responsible for other exciting developments such as Bio Astronautics, particularly stem cell research in space (zero gravity) in collaboration with researchers at NASA, and spinal cord repair and regeneration.

The Curalabs™ team have also created BahamaBrown Self-Tan® and Dermatonics® Skin Care. Both brands are natural and organic and are designed to be far more effective and safer than current products. This is a primary funding vehicle for these medical developments.

In the future, Curalabs will continue developing vaccines. According to Matt Kocaman, “It’s an exciting area for us … imagine being able to cure MS! How about a lotion that treats skin cancer within just a few days?”

To get in touch with the Curalabs team, you can email them at [email protected]. Curalabs is based in Sydney at Tank Stream Labs.

2. Valuiza

Photo Credit: Valuiza

Photo Credit: Valuiza

Valuiza uses smart patented software to predict customer lifetime value (CLV) through surveys. Based on historical and current data, it allows companies to gain a deeper insight into their customers’ loyalty and help predict what impact those relationships will have on their bottom line. 

Dr. Ray McHale, a FinTech consultant, developed Valuiza as a result of completing doctoral research. He was a finalist in the recent Anthill Magazine 2015 SMART 100 Innovation Award.   

According to Dr. McHale, “While working in the financial services sector, I became frustrated in not being able to measure the strength of the relationships I’d been able to develop with clients. As a result, I developed and patented intellectual property that identifies the key drivers of relationships and their impact on things like customer retention and advocacy.”

Valuiza measures the strength of customer relationships with your brand. It analyzes customer decisions, identifies customer problems, gains crucial feedback, and shows you how ‘happy’ they are with your business.

3. StockSpot

Photo Credit: Stockspot

Photo Credit: Stockspot

StockSpot is Australia’s fastest growing automated investment service that banks don’t like. It was developed to solve the problem of high fees and lack of transparency in the wealth management industry.

Recently, StockSpot has described the wealth management industry as Fat Cats who charge “thousands of dollars in service fees and commissions.”

StockSpot automates the entire financial advisory process and you can get started with as little as $2,000. Receiving advice and tracking investments and assets are in your name, so you feel safe.

At present, StockSpot is only limited to Australia, and has been dubbed the Robo Adviser

4. GoFar

Left: Danny Adams

Left: Danny Adams

GoFar is a smart way to drive and keep out of traffic, using a combination of software and hardware to tell you how much you are spending on fuel. It then uses this data to give you feedback on how to save on fuel emissions.

According to Business Review Weekly, GoFar on average saves you between “13 percent and 23 percent” on gas. Individuals and companies can enjoy great savings.

In May, GoFar launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $50,000. They achieved this goal in the first week and by the end, raised more than 300% of their initial goal. It shows that crowdfunding not only works in America, but can produce great results in Australia as well. 

Geektime also listed GoFar among its list of 20 promising startups from Australia in its 2014 list.

5. Kudzus

Photo Credit: Kudzus

Photo Credit: Kudzus

Kudzus is a SaaS marketplace, keeping up to date with the latest hot tech brands. It is on a crusade to hand control back to employers by fixing communication between employers and the SaaS community.

Unlike any other recruitment platform on the market, Kudzus tells your story, tracks your engagement, and helps you attract the best talent. 

If you have a SaaS company, Kudzus will interview your company and feature your story on their platform. making it appealing both to tech companies and SaaS job seekers alike. Delivering a high-level of professionalism is at the heart of this Sydney-based company. 

According to Alex Holderness, Co-Founder of Kudzus, “Top candidates are never actively looking. They don’t need to – they’re used to getting a lot of push messages. No one was effectively nurturing passive talent, and we’re excited to be seeing great results from that.”

6. Verbate

Photo Credit: Verbate

Photo Credit: Verbate

Verbate combines video and surveys to capture emotions. Only ten percent of communication shows what we ‘truly’ mean with the words we use.

Things like facial expression, body language, your tone, the way you interact, and sudden gestures are hidden. Verbate allows you to capture everything and helps your team get more meaningful feedback. Simply type a question, invite via SMS or email, and view.

Verbate is a great tool for marketing teams to get closer to customers. Collect answers to your questions on video from any device.

Entrepreneur and innovator Matthew Barnett developed Verbate to change the way consumers interact with your brand. To learn more about Verbate, you can access their case studies here.

7. Foundr Mag

Photo Credit: Foundr Magazine

Photo Credit: Foundr Magazine

Developed by Nathan Chan, Foundr Mag is a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs. It exists to help you turn any idea into reality. 

Nathan has interviewed successful industry leaders like Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Arianna Huffington to apply the knowledge of leaders today for the leaders of tomorrow.

The biggest challenge Nathan faced was getting people to be featured on the magazine and take him seriously. According to Nathan “When I first started, no one would ever get back to me, and it was very frustrating. Had to get Foundr noticed from sheer hustle and grit.” Here’s how he convinced Sir Richard Branson.

According to Nathan, there is one thing he has never mentioned about Foundr to the press: until today. “My mum used to help me with the proof reading of Issue 1 of the magazine.”

8. Zeetings

Photo Credit: Zeetings

Photo Credit: Zeetings

Zeetings is a cloud-based presentation platform that transforms your audience from passive viewers into active participants.

Unlike existing presentation software, Zeetings is not about producing slides but rather about creating a genuine connection between you and your audience.

With Zeetings, your presentations become social, interactive, and accessible to audience members via any connected device, and data-driven analytics help you understand what your audience is thinking.  

The views expressed are of the author.

Geektime invites global tech and startup professionals to share their opinions and expertise with our readers. If you would like to share your point of view, please contact us at [email protected]

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Luke Fitzpatrick

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Luke is a Sydney-based entrepreneur specializing in early stage marketing. Currently, he is the founder of Ghacklabs, a new online tech community. Feel free to get in touch with him at: [email protected]

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    • You’re welcome Nathan. I think it’s great how your mom helped you out & that you didn’t give up. True inspiration for all entrepreneurs.

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    • Ray, it was a pleasure to feature you in this post. I’m really impressed with your product and I think it offers something truly unique for large corporations looking to gain more customer insights.

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