German Jobspotting releases new analytics dashboard for its job-seeking hub


Jobspotting, a job search engine that tries to match employers and potential job applicants, is launching a new analytics dashboard for employers with more insights like market trends and information on the competition, the company announced Wednesday.

The new analytics will monitor changes in the job market and how many views your job posts have received. Other data will include metrics on the people viewing companies’ profiles, such as level of experience, salary expectations, and activity by selected competitors. It will also show which job positions are trending to get a better understanding of the market in general.

Jobspotting makes finding jobs and relevant employee candidates smarter and easier,” co-founder and CEO Hessam Lavi said in a statement. “That’s why we are so excited about our new analytics dashboard. Much in the same way that companies like SimilarWeb provide important web traffic analytics, Jobspotting provides employers with big data analysis of jobs, job seekers, and the job market to help strengthen their recruiting process.”

How it works

Based on your skills and interests, Jobspotting helps you discover and identify the job opportunity that’s best for you and puts them into the context of a Jobfeed, which scans the internet for relevant positions. Similar to platforms such as Spotify, you can “like” a job and the feed will give you more jobs like it in the future. The company claims big corporations like Airbnb and Deloitte among 100 firms that have already claimed their company profiles of 200,000 automatically generated on the site. Users can also follow company profiles like on LinkedIn.

Recruitment is a $120 billion industry that many startups have had their eye on. Other companies offering a new generation of job search include Savvy (formerly Poacht), SwitchJobr and the recent Geektime pitch contest participant Highr.

The company was co-founded by CEO Hessam Lavi, COO Robin Eric Haak, Manuel Holtz and Jan Backes. They’ve raised funding from the Haak-co-founded Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator, angel Saeed Amidi and Hong Kong-based Horizons Ventures, which extended the country’s app to Android. They operate out of Germany and the UK in four languages with recent expansions in Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, South Africa, and Spain.

For more about Jobspotting, watch this video.


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