24me adds gifting to its personal assistant app in time for Christmas


While the personal assistant app isn’t exactly a new idea, 24me has made progress in helping users keep track of everything — so much so that they were included on the App Store’s Best of 2014 list. 

24me‘s main point of differentiation is unification: its My Links feature. The app, available on Android and iOS, incorporates your to-do list, notes, connection to service and financial accounts, and obligatory integration to social networks. “It provides one place to manage all relevant things that relate to your schedule, provides personalized smart alerts and the automatic completion of tasks and errands,” co-founder and CMO Liat Mordechay Hertanu told Geektime.

The social media part actually illustrates the app’s utility the best. If you haven’t sent your friend a birthday greeting yet, 24me will do it for you. It’s a step up from the last time Geektime highlighted the company. They count over 1 million downloads so far for their app, available on iOS and Android. The company introduced payments via Apple Watch several months ago and is now introducing a full calendar for their Android version.

The main alternatives to 24me are Google Now, which includes barcode scanning and stores boarding passes; Quip, which lets users create, import and export documents; and Wunderlist and Speaktoit, which integrates calls and texts into the app itself. Their biggest competition might come from EasilyDo, which shares a lot of the same features and functions. 24me is trying to one-up the competition with its newest partnership though.

In time for the holidays

24me integrates with banking and service provider apps to allow for automatic, scheduled bill payments (courtesy)
24me integrates with banking and service provider apps to allow for automatic, scheduled bill payments. Photo Credit: PR

The partnership with Jifiti comes just in time for the holiday season, when try as we may, last-minute gifts are still the hallmark of a frantic buying season.

“Since 24me is a personal assistant that uses a calendar and task manager, helping you complete tasks and errands, it was very natural for us to have a solution that complements the special reminders around friends’ and family birthdays and other importation occasions.”

There are other platforms that let you shop quickly for alternative prices to certain items, such as bar code scanning apps like Amazon Deal Search and Shop Savvy.

She promised the inclusion of several more “advanced functions” that will get users to be more proactive.

24me was founded by CEO Gilad Hertanu and CMO Liat Mordechay Hertanu in 2012 and employs six in their offices in Tel Aviv. They have raised seed capital from iAngel and also welcomed myThings CDO Osher Yadgar as an adviser in 2014.


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