5 places you can save big for Black November


For Americans, November is one of the happiest months of the year. Alongside celebrations like Thanksgiving, there are the increasingly prolific (and extended) sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They’ve turned from exclusively American events to global happenings: like a consumer’s Hajj. Everything is available at absurdly low prices, from home appliances to clothes and of course gadgets.

Black Friday, this year on November 27, is the traditional opening salvo in a frenzied Christmas-shopping season. Manufacturers, marketers, shops, and toy companies prepare all year for this short window to capture the hearts and minds of customers. Even though we’ve barely begun November, the sales have already started to seep through. Here are just a few of the big sales events to watch out for:

1. Cyber Monday: November 30

Falling on the Monday after Thanksgiving, it’s become one of the busiest (online) shopping days of the year. It will be interesting to see if the decidedly recent phenomenon will break new records this year and to see which online stores will participate. Information on sales are still a couple weeks off, but the usual suspects are definitely going to be in the game: BestBuy is guaranteeing significant discounts on consumer electronics; Amazon has a page dedicated specifically to Cyber Monday sales; Target and its recently launched international delivery service launched their own 8-week sale on November 1 running right up through Christmas.

2. Chinabuy (November 11) : China’s annual shopping season for singles

Chinabuy homepage (screenshot)
Chinabuy homepage (screenshot)

First of all, did you ever consider singles were a market worth targeting? It turns out in China, it’s a major selling point. Since there are many more men than women, a lot of guys have trouble finding a match. Some 20 years ago, the tradition – or superstition – developed that if someone celebrates just enough on November 11, they’ll find their mate on November 12. If you step off the plane in Shanghai today, you’ll find a country teeming with nightlife, carnivals, and celebrations. Taobao, the country’s retail giant, realized the cash-in power of the cultural phenomenon a few years ago and instituted a massive online sale. The rest, as they say, is history.

Chinabuy may post sales up to 80% off this coming Wednesday, November 11. That sale might apply to everything from cell phones to gadgets to furniture and dining room sets. Some “premium” products might even go up with a price tag of a mere $10 – “premium” being a relative term, of course.

3. AliExpress: also hopping on the singles bandwagon (ongoing through November 11)

AliExpress homepage (screenshot)
AliExpress homepage (screenshot)

The super retail site has already turned into a juggernaut and has the potential to collapse a small country’s postal service with the deals it’s offering. We’ve already found things like the Meizu M2 Mini going for as little as $108, routers discounted at 30% off and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 on the shelf for as little as $154 (they’re going fast).

However, not every phone’s going rate is going to sink like a stone. The fashion retailers on the site are also sparing with their sales. Regardless, you still have a major chance to stock up.

4. Amazon: Black Friday for 7 weeks

Amazon homepage (screenshot)
Amazon homepage (screenshot)

The store’s so-called Black “Friday” sale will go on throughout November, past Chanukah and right up until December 22. Instead of one hectic day of shopping, you get 49 crazy nights. Amazon Prime members already have early access (by half an hour) to some major deals over other customers. Some examples of their sales are 30% off a Sony 55″ Ultra HD 4K (model XBR55X900C) with Blu-Ray, 40% off shoes and accessories from brand Frye and 40% off selected branded toys.

5. eBay: giving you the right to choose (November 26)

eBay’s new shopping system “Wish Bigger” will feature 30% off leading brand consumer electronics, up to 50% on home appliance brands like Keurig and KitchenAid, and up to 65% on premium fashion brands. What’s unique is that it will go online on Thanksgiving itself and give visitors the chance to “break open and unlock a series of incredible deals.” Basically, you get to vote on stuff getting discounted.

Gedalyah Reback translated the original article from Hebrew. 


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