Israeli startup exits have raised $3.8B so far in 2015, more than 2014


The first three quarters of 2015 have been a huge achievement for Israel, which has seen $3.8 billion in mergers and acquisitions according to a survey by Israeli financial newspaper Globes (Hebrew). The survey differentiates between biotech companies and other startups, though combined, that $3.8 billion figure so far this year is $500 million more than in all of 2014. The biggest acquisition in biomed was Valtech Cardio for nearly $1 billion to U.S.-based Heartware. For non medical startups, Annapurna Labs scored $360 million selling itself to Amazon.

The analysis highlights that the grand total over the last 12 years is in the neighborhood of $45 billion worth of cash and stock when looking at value at the time of purchase.

In the public sphere, Lumenis was acquired by a private equity fund for $510 million: This is the largest sale in real money terms, as Valtech Cardio was sold mostly for stock. Management software company ClickSoftware went for $438 million.

The report also examined venture funding, noting that while 2015’s $2.4 billion from American investors is on the higher end, it doesn’t match last year’s $3.9 billion in U.S. money. Success for Israeli IPOs has been mixed though, with the biggest yields coming from Inspire MD at 235% since March, while SteadyMed Therapeutics has dropped 65% since going public despite raising $40 million on the first day of trading. Collision avoidance company Mobileye, which had raised $822 million before its IPO, is up 18% since going public in March.

Image Credit: Geektime
Image Credit: Geektime

A report earlier this year by Geektime found progress year on year comparing Q1 and Q2, with the number of investments and total amount higher compared to the same period in 2014.

Featured Image Credit: Yoni Lerner / Flickr


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