ARM acquires Israeli Sansa Security to protect IoT and cellular devices


British microprocessor giant ARM has officially announced that it is acquiring Sansa Security to embed the Israeli company’s security products in its system-on-a-chip (SoC) components. These chips are embedded in Internet of Things (IoT) end products and in cellular devices. The acquisition sum was not divulged, but it is estimated at $70 million.

Company’s technology already implemented in millions of devices worldwide

Sansa Security’s technology has already been implemented in tens of thousands of devices, from smartphones to memory drives and smart TVs, effectively protecting millions of devices around the world. The company’s technology enables microchip manufacturers to build secure products with the help of a hardware sub-system that creates a security buffer protecting the devices’ main processors. The process is backed by active software components that operate from an adjacent area, allowing them to execute sensitive security measures.

The acquisition is based on ARM’s TrustZone technology, which creates an extra layer of protection against malicious and harmful software. This provides a system-wide approach that supports the security processor and software from the bottom up. That way, it is possible to protect end-devices, content networks, and sensitive information.

Entrepreneurs Gal Solomon and Limor Elbaz founded Sansa Security 15 years ago under the name Discretix. Today it employs around 80 employees at its offices in Kfar Netter. Since its founding, it has raised $32 million from Pitango Venture Capital, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Genesis Partners, and Eurocom Group. The collaboration between Sansa Security and ARM is not new, and began when the company was still called Discretix. ARM will turn the company into its Israeli R&D center and the company’s employees will be absorbed into it.

Coby Sella, CEO of Sansa Security, responded to the acquisition in a statement: “Our technology has already been used to protect information broadcasted from a variety of cellular devices and end-products from the Internet of Things. Our linkage to ARM will allow us to increase the scope of our business ventures by allowing ARM’s global partners to deal effectively with their most pressing security needs. Aligning our activities with those of the world’s leading IP provider allows us to take our products and capabilities to another level.”

Mike Muller, ARM’s CTO, explained that, “Every connected end-device poses a potential target for attack and creates the need to embed security measures in every potential attack-point. Protection against hackers is most effective when it comes in layers, which is why we are expanding our technological security capabilities to software and hardware sub-systems. This way, we’ll enable our partners to license an inclusive and comprehensive security suite from one central source.”

CEO Coby Sella talks about his company’s products

Shalom Shore translated the original article from Hebrew. 


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