What freelancers can learn from Apple’s Public Beta
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Toronto, Canada - September 13, 2014: A sign of an Apple company in front of their Toronto store. Photo Credit: Lester Balajadia / Shutterstock

What can we learn from Apple’s bold move towards transparency, and how can it be implemented in your freelance business strategy?


Before we can understand the relation between Apple’s latest development and your freelance business, we have to understand what Apple’s Public Beta is about.

Apple’s Beta Software is a pre-release of the updated iOS software. This pre-release version is made available to those that sign up for the testing program. It gives users the opportunity to test the product and provide valuable feedback so that Apple can release the best possible product. This is the first time Apple has decided to go the ‘transparent’ route with its company; in the past it has been all about secrecy.

So what can we learn from this bold move towards transparency? And how can it be implemented in your freelance business strategy?

What Does It Mean to Be Transparent in Business Terms?

There is a fine line between being transparent with your business, and sharing every detail. It’s most important to share what is relevant to both the business and the client.

If you are planning a new project that will influence all your clients, it is a smart move to prepare your audience. It could be as insignificant as a logo or name change, or as big as merging with another freelancer. Keeping your clients in the loop will allow them to voice their opinions and help you create the best brand possible.

How to Include Clients in your Freelance Business

Since you don’t have a beta version of your software to launch, you can make use of these tactics to promote transparency and receive valuable customer feedback:

Make use of surveys:
When you’ve completed a project with a client, ask them to fill out a survey to rate your services. This will give you valuable insight into clients’ expectations of your service, and help you to make improvements.

Answer Their Questions:
Take the time to read through the comments on your blog posts or social media updates. Identify themes and see if you can come up with posts that answer these questions.

Share Negative Feedback, but Include Solutions:
One of the best ways to show business transparency is to share the good, bad and ugly. Negative feedback can be used in a positive way. For instance, if you’ve had some email communication issues, explain the issue and what you’ve learned in a post. This will show your current and prospective clients that you are open to growing, learning, and fixing mistakes.

Share Survey Results:
Sharing surveys isn’t just about exposing what can be fixed, but also sharing the good. Don’t feel ashamed of your business’ success. If you’ve received positive results, feedback, or recommendations, share them on your profiles and website.

Guest Posts:
Allowing some of your readers to post a guest post on also works well for freelancers. This blog article could showcase your readers’ talent and share their expertise.

Benefits of Sharing Your Freelance Business ‘Beta’

  • Insights into your clients’ expectations
  • Expose freelance service issues and problems
  • Improve quality of service
  • Improve customer service
  • Collect data and analyze business success
  • Improve the user experience for clients
  • Assess strategies and make amendments
  • Increase traffic and conversion

This post was originally published on Fiverr.

Featured Image Credit: Lester Balajadia / Shutterstock

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