This food-tech startup uses IoT to bring your inner chef alive
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Sure you can get food, but what about fresh, healthy gourmet meals? InnerChef wants to deliver them to your work or home


Ever thought of a food delivery service that can shop for all the fresh and exotic ingredients, chop and wash them, prepare secret sauces, and pack them all for you to the precise measure with simple instructions to follow? Enter InnerChef, an online food discovery and delivery experience that will make the chef in you come alive. Users can order for their favorite dishes and experience the thrill of adding, mixing, tossing and plating, all within 20 minutes.

Rajesh Sawhney, Co-founder of InnerChef and the Founder of GSF says, “Innerchef is a Big Data food-tech company. We will leverage technology — be it mobile, IoT or Big Data — to enrich the life of our consumers.”

“Our Ready-To-Cook products enable anyone to whip up a delicious meal in 10-20 minutes. We do all the legwork (shopping, chopping, prepping, portioning) and deliver all the fresh, premium ingredients you need to eat better. Our Ready-To-Eat products are the perfect solution for when you need an energizng, light meal at your working desk or home,” he adds.

InnerChef launched its offering of Ready-To-Cook recipe meal kits for the home market in early April. In May, the food-tech startup launched a new line of Ready-To-Eat combo products for the office lunch market.

People across different geographies are trying out newer food every day, and as a result, their palates are continually expanding. Eating better and fresh has become a mega trend and people across the globe have become more conscious about what they eat.

“InnerChef wants to make it easy for everyone to eat better. Our mission is to provide fresh and tasty food to people,” Sawhney states.

As per estimates, the tech-based food services market is valued at over US $14 billion. This space is booming with players, with companies  such as TinyOwl and foodpanda dominating the category. However Sawhney says, “We are differentiated in every aspect — be it food quality, ingredients or technology.”

InnerChef goes IoT

The startup has launched HungerTap, an NFC (near field communication)-enabled device that a consumer can stick on their fridge or work desk, and with a single tap of their mobile phone they can unlock new offers. One can use their phone’s in-built QR code scanner or NFC reader to scan the device and based on customer’s past behaviour or orders, the device helps provide new offers and food choices.

InnerChef plans to leverage the platform’s back-end infrastructure and get a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences. The data collected with the use of this device will enable them to offer personalized services.

Uday Bansal, co-founder of InnerChef says, “We have worked with our partner Magic Tap Solutions to create a unique offering for our customers. With this technology, we will work towards making ordering and access to fresh food as effortless as possible.”

Plans to launch in Mumbai and Bangalore this year

InnerChef is currently offering 20 Ready-To-Cook recipe kits and 10 Ready-To-Eat Combo meals. Menu includes exotic foods such as Guislain (Mascarpone and home-made sundried tomato paste), Paneer pestoni (French goat cheese salad with cottage cheese panini), Ham Kri Kri (French goat cheese salad with Parma ham panini), etc.

According to Sawhney, within a month, the InnerChef menu will have 30-40 options at any given time that will be refreshed on a weekly basis. “We plan to add oriental and modern Indian cuisine in the coming weeks,” he adds.The startup is currently serving in Gurgaon and South Delhi and will be launching in Mumbai and Bangalore over Q3 this year. “Customers can order recipe boxes through a mobile responsive website and soon-to-be launched mobile app,” he concludes.

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