How much do you know about saving energy? Take this quiz and find out (QUIZ)
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Light bulb with tree inside. Ecology concept. Photo Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock

By taking this quiz, you will find out how to become more energy efficient and you will be able to share the tips with your colleagues and friends

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What the results say about you

Energy Amateur (0-2 right answers):

OK, an action plan is needed here. It’s time to do some research, educate yourself and be more energy conscious. We’re all in this together and learning something new can only be a bonus! So let’s get started!

Energy Intern (3-5 right answers):

You definitely know about energy but you are not quite there yet when it comes to reducing consumption or reviewing your energy cost. There’s always room for improvement so remember that every little bit helps; you can turn off lights and unplug devices when they aren’t in use.

Energy Expert (6-8 right answers):

Well done YOU! Being energy efficient means a lot to you. You know a great deal about energy sustainability and savings. You are also a real pro and care about the environment and energy use reduction. People around you know how important energy is to you and they may not have the same views, but we need more people like you!

Energy Influencer (9-10 right answers):

WOW! You can be very proud of yourself. Not only do you know about energy sustainability and energy savings, but you also have the know-how when it comes to sharing knowledge with others. Being a top energy influencer in your workplace or at home is one of your priorities.

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The answers to this quiz are supported by facts from the following websites:

– Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

– The Sustainable Enterprise: Profiting from Best Practice By Christopher Stephen Brown

– The EPA

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The photos used in this quiz can be credited to the following sources:

– Light bulb with tree inside. Ecology concept. Photo Credit (and Featured Image Credit): Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock

– Soccer player injured during amateur football match – Concept of sport failure and physical accident. Photo Credit: View Apart / Shutterstock

– Group of young interns working at office. Photo Credit: / Shutterstock

Image of African-American business leader looking at camera in working environment. Photo Credit: Pressmaster / Shutterstock

– Woman Giving a Speech. Photo Credit: Volt Collection / Shutterstock

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